Wireless Electric Car Charging is Here!

No Cables Needed for this New Electric Car Charging System

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 14, 2014

nowirechargingAlthough the company claims it has little interest in pursuing electric vehicles, Toyota (NYSE:TM) stepped away from the fuel cell this week, just for a moment, to talk up its latest venture – cable-free electric car charging.

In an attempt to help electric car owners charge their vehicles when away from a wired charging station, the Japanese automaker announced that it's testing a new system that allows drivers to charge their vehicles using resonance recharging.

Resonance recharging essentially involves using magnetic resonance that doesn't need be directly attached to a battery. The vehicle just needs to sit above it, like in a parking lot, for instance.

An early test is being conducted in Japan. Nissan has also been pursuing a similar technology, and in South Korea, there is a stretch of road where two buses are regularly charged this way. That system went online last year.

Although I still believe Toyota will do little to pursue electric vehicles in the near-term, this recent announcement indicates that the company is not completely abandoning electric cars for fuel cells. And the idea of wireless charging stations is rapidly becoming less of a pipe dream.

Sure, the technology is still new, but so way hybrid technology back in the 1990s. And look where Toyota is today with that. The Prius is world's best-selling hybrid. To date, more than 3 million have been sold.