Wind Power Stocks

3 Wind Investments You Need To Own

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted November 4, 2008

There is much going on, and much you need to know. So let's get to it.

In case you didn't know, there is an historic election taking place today.

And at this point, I think it's fair to say that the victor will be the candidate who will have a more positive impact on the renewable energy markets, Barack Obama.

We've seen it the past two days, in the 48 hours leading to the election. The Dow closed down a few points yesterday, but most solar stocks surged 10%, others grew much more.

And the entire sector was higher again today, as we headed to the polls.

The election of someone who is a proponent of clean energy and progressive energy legislation is adding value to green chip stocks, if only for the fact that a changing of the guard brings with it a more conducive business climate.

The arrival of a favorable business climate for renewable energy brings with it the opportunity for profit. Some of us have been waiting months for this day.

Most notably, there is a striking opportunity in the area of wind power stocks. I want to spend a few minutes on that today, while devoting some time to an upcoming International Energy Agency (IEA) report.

Then I'll tell you how to get a crack at 3 wind power stocks that are an absolute must-own.

Wind Power Stocks: The Rising

Most of the pertinent data supporting a decision to invest in wind stocks has been printed in these pages before. I'll try to round some of it up in the next few lines so you can see just how strong the industry is.

  • The global wind industry grew 482% over the past seven years

  • It'll grow another 215% in the next five

  • Wind-generated revenues will exceed $30 billion in 2008

  • By 2018, yearly wind revenues will reach $90


Those are remarkable numbers. Numbers you can't find in any other industry. Anywhere.

We're talking about an annual growth rate of about 25.8% every year. . .for the next five years.

But that's just the beginning of the story.

In Europe, over one third of all new electrical generating capacity will come from wind for the next 10 years. After that, wind's share will grow to 46% of all new generation capacity.

And Europe has a target of getting up to 14% of their electricity from wind by 2020.

Here in the states, the Department of Energy has said that we could get 20% of our electricity from wind by 2030.

Of course, this massive increase in the amount of wind energy being used is going to require significant investment.

Billions of dollars will be poured into wind turbine manufacturing and wind farm construction. Not to mention all the investment that will be needed to improve the electrical grid and transmission lines so they can handle all the wind power.

Investing early in the companies providing the wind technology of tomorrow will surely be boon to your portfolio.

But you have to know which ones to by.

3 Must-Own Wind Power Stocks

Since our friends across the pond were first to adopt the widescale use of wind energy, most of the big pure play wind companies are in Europe.

I'm talking about companies like Vestas, Gamesa, Suzlon and Nordex.

Here in the U.S., the largest wind turbine manufacturers are not pure plays, namely GE (NYSE: GE) and Siemens (NYSE: SI).

But there are some great wind investments to be had. You just have to do a little work to find them. And I've already done it for you.

I've discovered three wind power stocks that you absolutely must own before the IEA releases its World Energy Outlook report on November 12th.

Thanks to a leaked draft of that report, I've discovered it contains information that could send wind stocks absolutely soaring, most notably an expected decline in natural gas and uranium production, coupled with an increase in U.S. coal exports.

Best part is, the three stocks I want to share with you give you access to every facet of the wind energy market.

I've found a domestic wind turbine and transmission cable producer whose technology rivals GE but whose stock trades for a fraction of the price.

I've also found a Canadian wind farm developer with projects up north and in Ireland.

And there's a wind infrastructure play that not only builds wind farms, but also specializes in grid upgrades and transmission capacity upgrades, both here and in Europe.

I've written a full report about these three stocks, and how you get can get in early to make great profits.

Click here to read the full report.

Things are really starting to coalesce for the wind industry: the election, the IEA report, growing electricity demand, etc. The sooner you get your share of these wind companies, the sooner you get your share of the wind profits.

Call it like you see it,

nick hodge