West Texas Wind Farms

T. Boone Pickens Embraces Wind Power - Again

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted April 6, 2012

More wind power is coming to the heart of cowboy country.

Mesa Power Group LLC, a Texas-based renewable energy development company, recently announced a partnership with Wind Tex Energy LP on the Stephens Bor-Lynn Wind Project (SBL). The project, which straddles Borden and Lynn counties, is about 50 miles south of Lubbock.

The project is set to begin full commercial operations next year and produce 377 MW at full capacity. Mesa Power disclosed it will be using 233 GE (NYSE: GE) 1.6 MW turbines for the project.

“Mesa Power is excited about this wind project opportunity in Texas, and about partnering with Wind Tex Energy…We believe it is an excellent addition to the wind projects we’ve been developing since 2007,” Mesa Power executive Mark Ward said.

Mesa and Wind Tex hope to complete development and financing for the project within the year.

Mesa Power Group was created in 2007 by billionaire T. Boone Pickens as a way to develop and finance renewable energy power products. As of now, Mesa is developing wind projects in Minnesota, Canada and Texas with a cumulative output of 1,000 MW.

Wind Tex Energy was founded in 2002 by Steven K. DeWolf and has since developed four Texas projects currently in operation. Wind Tex is responsible for 6% of all wind energy output in the entire state.