Weekly Spotlight: CleanTech Business Club

A Growth Accelerator for Cleantech Companies

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted November 14, 2011

The CleanTech BusinessClub (CTBC) is an initiative run by entrepreneurs offering other entrepreneurs, companies, and researchers a strong network to specific services to move themselves and the cleantech industry forward. CTBC logo

Launched in January 2010, CTBC members include growth-stage cleantech companies, large and innovative organizations, and knowledge centers from across the Netherlands.

The BusinessClub offers entrepreneurs, companies, and researchers the network to move themselves and the industry forward.

This is ushered along with a good network of banks and investors, so that companies can quickly obtain capital growth. 

They also facilitate existing cleantech companies with co-entrepreneurship and quality services. 

The CleanTech BusinessClub is established for three main needs:

  1. To gain insight in cleantech developments;
  2. To stimulate cooperation, networking, and the sharing of knowledge;
  3. To facilitate entrepreneurs with proven technologies, products, or services in their growth.

Members of the CleanTech BusinessClub receive access to a broad network and an exclusive range of essential systems and services, including:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Sales & lead generation
  • Accountancy (administrative help, software)
  • Tax advice
  • Legal advice
  • Advice regarding protection of intellectual property
  • Assistance in applying for and obtaining grants and subsidies
  • Call center (open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Flexible working spaces
  • Presentation and meeting facilities
  • Training and events
  • Showroom to showcase your innovations

The BusinessClub also works with foreign consulates, AgentschapNL, and export experts to help entrepreneurs launch their activities abroad; it also offers foreign cleantech businesses access to the 'CleanTech Port to Europe'.

Among some of their member organizations are:

  • OFD (Oscillating Foil Development) – a technically innovative company focused on developing alternative, sustainable propulsion technologies. OFD pursues a sustainable business concept based on the development of the O-foil, a technology that delivers efficiency improvements of 50% compared to conventional propulsion techniques. O-foil is primarily being used in shipbuilding, but also offers attractive opportunities for other industries.

  • Green Motion Technologies – a company that has been founded with the primary goal of providing the world with innovative technologies that can make a significant change in the sustainable development of our planet and society. The products of Green Motion Technologies are water-based technologies. One of the projects is an innovative wave energy converter that will be ready to market at end of 2013. The product converts the chaotic movements of ocean waves into electricity with a high efficiency.

  • The Plastic Whale – a project created as a solution for the growing amount of plastic waste. The Plastic Whale is a boat built from different plastic waste materials, aiming to bring attention to the huge challenge of minimizing and managing waste. The boat is under development to bring consumers, companies, and the government together to create a solution to the problem of plastic waste on the planet.

One of The BusinessClub's member organizations is nominated for the GCCA Later Stage Award in the Green Building category Active Warmth.

Until Next Time,


Angela Guss