Want a Free Tesla?

Climate Xchange is raffling off a free Tesla

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted May 8, 2017

The good folks over at Climate XChange are raffling off a Tesla.

Since I know many of you are Tesla fans, I figured I’d pass along all the relevant information.

Here you go …

With a staff of five, local nonprofit Climate XChange doesn’t let their small size hold them back. The dynamic, closely-knit group works out of a church in downtown Boston and is constantly churning out new projects.

Their initiatives center around a core goal: confronting climate change by putting a price on carbon pollution. Currently, they support two bills in the Massachusetts legislature that would do just that.

Climate XChange hopes to lead by example by making Massachusetts the first state with a carbon price. They believe that this would mark Massachusetts as a leader in addressing climate change while providing a boost to the economy. A successful carbon pricing program in Massachusetts could light a fuse across the country.

To help catalyze this, Climate XChange recently launched the State Carbon Pricing Network, supporting 18 states building campaigns to put a fee on carbon. They provide research, resources, training, and coordination between the different states. Each campaign is at a different stage, with carbon pricing-related bills in eight states.

In order to support all of their efforts, Climate XChange has kicked off perhaps their biggest project yet: raffling off a Tesla. The grand prize, a Tesla Model S or X, represents their vision of a low-carbon future. And for the lucky winner, it is a clean way to get around.

Because Climate XChange pays the taxes on the car as well, the prize value comes in at a whopping $160,000. Prizes extend all the way out to sixth place, giving raffle ticket holders just shy of a 1-in-400 chance of winning one of the prizes. Winning tickets will be drawn on July 4th.

Climate XChange Executive Director, Michael Green, explained, “By holding a nationwide raffle, we’re hoping to both get the word out about carbon pricing, and offer an image of what the future can look like once we transition away from fossil fuels.”

People across the country are buying tickets, and generally have one or two things in common: they care about climate change, they’re excited by the chance to win a car, or both. The winner of Climate XChange’s 2015 Tesla Raffle, Massachusetts resident Al Nierenberg, said, “Since I'm a believer in a price on carbon, I decided to buy a ticket. My daughter also wanted to buy a ticket, but in her case she wanted to win the car.”

A lot of care is going into this raffle. Each ticket is hand-perforated by Climate XChange staff, and if you drop by their office, you will see the printer constantly cranking out ticket after ticket. Just as much care is going into their carbon pricing campaign, as this small group is determined to accomplish big things for the climate.