U.K. Renewable Energy Boom

50% Leap in Wind Power

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 29, 2012

Renewable energy across the U.K is expanding fast. In just the past year, electricity via wind sources jumped up by at least 50 percent.

Bloomberg states that the Department of Energy and Climate Change claimed a 51 percent gain in onshore output (to 3.6 terawatt-hours), while offshore capability grew by 50 percent.

Scotland stole the spotlight as its 13,735 gigawatt hours of renewable energy in 2011 represented a more than 40 percent improvement from 2010.

Fergus Ewing, Energy Minister, reiterated their goal of generating the equivalent of the nation’s full electric needs through renewable sources by 2020, and said that the renewable energy scenario in Scotland is “going from strength to strength.”

From The Press Association:

Mr Ewing described the 45.5% increase in renewable output between 2011 and 2012 as "particularly encouraging when you consider that 2011 saw the highest output from renewable energy to date".

He added: "Scotland has astounding renewable energy potential, and the Scottish Government is committed to ensuring every community in Scotland benefits from the opportunities of renewable energy."

Britain currently producers 6.6 gigawatts of wind capacity, but plans to ramp it up to 31 gigawatts by 2020.

The end goal is to achieve at least 15 percent of total energy demand from renewable sources by the same date.