Tyson's Core Values are Flawed

The Heresy of Tyson's Religious Claims

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 17, 2013

Yahoo Finance published an interesting piece today entitled, “Big U.S. Companies You Might Not Know Are Religious.”

In it, there's a section on Tyson Foods (NYSE:TSN) which according to the article, employs more than 100 office chaplains to provide “compassionate pastoral care” to employees.

Many customers may not realize it, but Tyson Foods is a very religious company that embraces spirituality in the workplace.

Founder John Tyson speaks openly about his Christian beliefs, and the company's core values say that it "strive(s) to honor God" and "be a faith-friendly company."

Since 2000, the company has employed approximately 120 office chaplains who are there to provide "compassionate pastoral care" to employees, according to Tyson's website.

Although I have no issue with anyone's religion, I call bullshit on Tyson.

Tyson runs one of the largest industrial farming operations in the world. The company treats chickens like soulless widgets and the planet like its own personal toilet. How does that “honor God?”

Although I do find it extremely thoughtful and progressive of Tyson to integrate chaplains into the workplace – certainly an effort that should be looked upon as honorable – management seems unable to realize that its daily operations not only dishonor God, but are actually blasphemous if they truly strive to honor God.

Spirituality is a wonderful thing. Hypocrisy is not. Perhaps this is something the company's Chairman of the Board, John Tyson should consider discussing with an office chaplain.

It is possible to raise and produce chickens in a responsible way that respects the sacrifice of the animal while honoring and conserving the natural capital necessary for meat production.