The Logic Of Renewable Energy

Are We Trading A Rational Energy Policy For Witch Hunts?

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted March 12, 2012 at 5:24PM

I just started a fine historic novel that my brother gave me for Christmas, The Hangman’s Daughter; the first 100 pages are really good.

In addition to the story itself, a murder mystery set in mid-17th Century Bavaria, the author reminds us of the horrors and brutalities of living at that time, e.g., the persecution of witches and the outrageously illogical ways in which this took place. “If she has a birthmark, she’s probably a witch.  Stick it with a needle; if she bleeds, then she’s definitely a witch.” How would you like to have been born female with a birthmark in 1650?

To me, the remarkable aspect of this isn’t that people were at one point so stupid to think like this. The truly amazing thing is that this was fairly recent. Almost exactly 2000 years earlier we had Ancient Greece with its fantastic developments in mathematics, science, education, philosophy, theater, focus on virtue, jurisprudence, democracy and the like – not to mention logic.

Aristotle did such a good job in codifying the rules of logic that very few advancements have been made in the 2300 years since his day.  I challenge you to think of another intellectual discipline that was nailed down so completely in 300 BCE.

Doesn’t this make us wonder what happened to mankind that could have taken us down so badly? I have my own theory, but I’d be interested in yours.

So, what does this have to do with renewable energy?

I believe that clear thinking and some level of dedication to and respect for science is essential if we’re going to overcome the huge challenges we face here in the 21st Century, of which energy policy is most certainly one.

As long as we can look at our scientists who tell us that we’re ruining our planet (the only planet we have, by the way) and dismiss them as pawns of the Marxists who are trying to destroy our economy, or as frauds who have conspired to perpetrate a hoax so as to bilk our civilization out of a few bucks for unnecessary atmospheric research, we’re really living in a throwback to the 17th Century in terms of the application of logic.