Solar Power Profits

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted November 17, 2005

At the top of a revised $16 to $18 range (from $12 to $14), Cypress Semiconductor-owned SunPower Corporation debuted today at $18. The IPO was a stunning success.

Before 11:30 the stock was up more than 50%.

But the reason I'm telling you about SunPower today is not because of the stock's impressive morning gains.

You see, thanks to the additional hype generated from SunPower's IPO, the solar industry as a whole has been getting a free PR ride over the past month - which, fortunately for us, has done nothing but push our solar stocks even higher.

In fact, one of our most recent solar plays is up more than 40% in just 27 trading days.

Based on market behavior, I think solar energy stocks, and renewables in generally, will lead the market in 2006.

Don't miss out.

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-Jeff Siegel