Shedding the "Fringe" Label

Green Chip's Weekend Edition

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted April 17, 2010 at 8:29PM

Welcome to the Green Chip Review Weekend Edition — our insights from the week in everything alternative and cleantech, as well as links to our most-read Green Chip Review and sister publication articles.  

To a new way of life, and a new generation of wealth...

That's how Jeff signs off from each and every article. It also happens to be the Green Chip slogan.

But I'll admit I'm only now starting to understand its full meaning. And I've been at this for several years now.

You see, green has always been "fringe" for me. The house in the cookie-cutter neighborhood with solar has always been an outlier; the driveway with a Prius, the same.

Now, with each passing day and with each new place I visit, I see the label of "fringe" is quickly being peeled off.

And while we haven't reached the saturation point yet, gone are the days of striving to be green... of fighting for validity... of being an outlier.

It's just become a new way of life.

In San Diego, for example, where I happen to be this week, there's a great rail and trolley system. Stations are in walking distance of everything you need, and many of them combine local architecture, plants, and art for an extra-pleasant experience. And the trolley I took to a Padres game boasted five brand-new railcars.

That's where the wealth comes in.

Because you can invest in the company making the railcars. And doing so could've made you significantly wealthier over the past year:

Bombardier Stock

San Diego — and any other city with a half-decent public transportation plan — needs to buy railcars.

Same goes for all the products and engineering firms necessary to construct the dozens of green building complexes I've seen on the few walks I've taken.

Lights are the first thing that comes to mind when I think of green buildings. And there, too, we're seeing a new way of life.

Incandescents are being phased out and the companies making the LED lights to replace them are more than ushering in new wealth:

CREE and Veeco LED stocks

All you have to do is be aware enough to notice what's going on around you, and then find a way to capitalize on it in the market.

The new way of life is here. Be sure not to miss out on the immense wealth it's creating.

Headlines this week confirm that thesis:

South Korea's LG Group says it'll invest $17.90 billion by 2020 to incorporate sustainability into their operations while cutting current emissions by 40%.

BP — the oil company BP — will throw down another billion dollars this year on alternative energy development. They spent $1.3 billion in the space last year, and plan to spend $8 billion by 2015.

Said chief executive Katrina Landis about BP's view of cleantech: "We're absolutely holding these as core businesses."

And why wouldn't they?

We learned this week that solar capacity in the U.S. jumped 37% in 2009 — the fourth consecutive year of record growth — while generating revenue of $4 billion. (And we were in one of the worst recessions ever, remember?)

Both coal and natural gas have lost capacity share every year since 2004.

BP sees the writing on the wall. Do you?

Call it like you see it,


Nick Hodge


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