Seeing Green in Atlanta

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted November 10, 2005

It's roughly 3:00 in Atlanta right now...and I'm strategically perched above the exposition floor at the 2005 International Green Build Conference, witnessing a very anticlimactic case study in irony; environmentalists and capitalists cohabitating in an effort to push the agendas of both sides.

Of course, this should be no surprise to you.

We've been watching the same scenario unfold right in front of our eyes this year with the renewable energies markets. Fortunately, many of you have already staked your claim to these markets early - and continue to do so in areas of renewable energy technology.

But today I'm here to tell you that, after meeting with some of the leading architects and engineers in the Green Building industry this morning over coffee - the ride for the Green Building market sector is about to get interesting.

And when I say interesting, I mean profitable!

I have the raw data in front of me right now - and it seems to me that no one is reading between the lines.

These companies, at the earliest stages of the game are profitable!

Next week, in my Green Chip Review, I'll share some of this data with you. And more importantly, I'll show you how these numbers validate the industry's profit potential - especially over the next two to three years.

Yes, the Green Building movement is an environmentalists dream come true. Energy and water conservation, recycled materials, reducing green house gases, the list goes on and on.

And that's spectacular!

But there's a select group of publicly-traded companies downstairs from me right now on the expo floor, completely overwhelmed by developers, contractors and retail buyers with green intentions burning a hole through their pockets.

And mark my words - we're getting a piece of that action!!!

Until Next Time,

Jeff Siegel