Renewable Energy Stocks are Unstoppable!!

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted September 8, 2005

Green Chip Renewable Energy Stocks are unstoppable!!

High gas prices continue to push the renewable energies markets to new heights - and this afternoon, yet another Green Chip Renewable Energy stock hit a new record high - up 68.75% in a week!!!

Last week it was a small geothermal company that just landed a major contract in India. Today it's an aggressive industrial solar company that's riding the Chinese energy shortage all the way to the bank!

Next week I'll be recommending another renewable energy stock to Green Chip subscribers. But this one is in the industrial hybrid sector. And with no relief of high gas prices in sight - this company could easily be the biggest player in the industrial hybrid market by 2007!!!

I'll reveal the name of this company to Green Chip subscribers next week in my 'Daily Update.'

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Until Next time...

Jeff Siegel