Renewable Energy Bipartisan Support

Is There Finally Bipartisan Support for Renewable Energy?

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted July 13, 2012

Think only liberals support renewable energy?

Not a chance.

You know who supports renewable energy? Those who understand the economic and environmental superiority of things like solar, wind and electric vehicles.

As the American Council on Renewable Energy reported in its “fact check” series. . .

The claim is that American people – other than liberals – don't support clean, renewable energy.

The truth – Polls and the history of key policies show broad, bipartisan support for clean energy in the United States.

  • Traditional swing voters in the industrial Midwest and South support clean energy and believe it will help drive economy and growth and economic competitiveness.

  • Two in three Americans believe that Congress should extend key tax incentives that encourage the production of renewable energy.

  • A number of Republican elected officials are strong advocates for the U.S. wind industry and the Production Tax Credit. This includes: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, and Rep. Steve King.

  • Many Republican Members of Congress expressed support for federal clean energy grants, loans and other subsidies before the Solyndra bankruptcy.

  • The DOE Loan Guarantee Program was created with bipartisan support under the George W. Bush administration and designed to provide government support for “innovate technologies.”

  • The PTC and ITC were both enhanced and extended under the Bush administration with broad bipartisan support, and were intended to encourage private investment in renewable energy.

References for these facts can be found here.