Property Rights Trumps Fracking

Aruba Petroleum Ponies up $3 million to Family it Poisoned

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted April 25, 2014

In a victory for those who oppose fracking, a Texas jury has awarded nearly $3 million to the Parr family, who sued Aruba Petroleum for contaminating their home that ultimated poisoned their livestock and drinking water.

There have been other lawsuits in the past, but many were settled out of court – with gag orders attached to the settlements.

The economic and energy security benefits of fracking – at least over the next ten years or so – are very real and will not be derailed by grassroots efforts to stop it. However, holding negligent producers accountable for damage to private property is an effective way to combat those who choose to take short cuts and put the health of others at risk.

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