Organic Farming Jobs

Organic Food Industry Creates 500,000 Jobs

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted April 30, 2012

Buying organic may not just be healthier, but it could also help support domestic job creation.

According to a recent report, producing US foods organically creates thousands more jobs than if food was produced in a conventional method.

The report, “2010 Impacts of the US Organic Foods Industry on the US Economy,” showed the industry generated half a million jobs in 2010 while also helping the US organic market surpass $31 billion for the first time ever. The report was unveiled at the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) Policy Conference.

The report also showed that for every $1 billion in retail sales of organic products, 28,000 additional jobs were created. The shocking part of that is the use of organically produced ingredients resulted in 21% more jobs than if the food industry had turned to conventional farms.

The timing of this report couldn’t have come at a better time. Congress is taking its time putting together the next farm bill. One of the big items open to discussion is the inclusion of programs critical to the expansion of US organic farming.

“This report and OTA’s Organic Industry Survey released this week reinforce the positive contributions of the organic sector to US agriculture and our economy, and emphasize how important it is to maintain funding for programs in the farm bill that encourage the spread of organic farming,” said OTA’s Executive Director and CEO Christine Bushway.