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Who Knocked Over the Nukes?

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted April 3, 2008 at 8:16PM

So it turns out that a radioactive leak from a nuclear power plant in Japan was 50 percent bigger than first reported two days ago.

And to make matters worse, Tokyo Electric Power told reporters yesterday that about 400 barrels of low-level radioactive waste at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant were knocked over, and the lids had come off 40 of them after Monday's earthquake.

Knocked over?!!


Because I keep hearing from the media that nuclear is safe now.

At least that's what nuclear supporters are telling us.

Heck, some are even declaring it safe and clean enough to be aligned with the renewable energy industry.

But you know what?

It's not clean, and it sure as hell isn't safe!

Sure, the pro-nuclear PR machine can spin it with the best of them.

Just go to the World Nuclear Association's website where you'll find a section boasting the title, "A Superb Record of Nuclear Safety" in big, bold letters.

Here's an excerpt from that page...

Today, nuclear power plants have a superb safety record - both for plant workers and the public. In the transport of nuclear material, highly engineered containers - capable of withstanding enormous impact - are the industrial norm. More than 20,000 containers of spent fuel and high-level waste have been shipped safely over a total distance exceeding 30 million kilometres.

Wow. It's sure great to know that the transport of nuclear material is done using highly engineered containers that are capable of withstanding enormous impact.

I definitely know that the solar, wind and geothermal industries don't transport their nuclear material in these types of containers.

Of course, with solar, wind and geothermal...THERE IS NO NUCLEAR WASTE!!!

And radiation?

Well, the World Nuclear Association assures its readers that radiation is released naturally from the ground and atmosphere in all places on earth.

Are they really using this as an argument?

Better yet, they also seem to be pretty excited about the fact that "modern civilization produces huge quantities of industrial waste requiring careful treatment and disposal." But "...nuclear waste is comparatively tiny in amount and highly manageable." In fact, "The spent fuel produced yearly from all the world's reactors would fit inside a two-storey structure built on a basketball court."

Well I'm sold.

Just don't put that mutant factory in my backyard!

Listen, nuclear power can't be considered clean, simply because it produces lethal radioactive waste that, no matter where you contain it, move it or store it, will be extremely dangerous for thousands of years.

And let's face it, scientists still haven't found a permanent solution to get rid of this stuff safely.

It's just one temporary solution after the next.

And nuclear power can't be considered safe either. Not when all the towns surrounding a reactor need an evacuation plan.

Do we need such an evacuation plan for solar panels, geothermal power plants or wind turbines?

You know the answer to that one.

Until next time...

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