More Chevy Volt Lies

Viral E-Mails Spread More Disinformation about the Chevy Volt

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted February 27, 2012 at 5:02PM

Will the progress-hating knuckle-draggers stop at nothing?

According to a recent article by John Voelcker at Green Car Reports, there's a new chain e-mail going around that talks about how insanely expensive the Chevy Volt is. Not surprisingly, the presented cost in the e-mail is off by a factor of 10. Unreal!

It's amazing that we're still constantly fighting against the avalanche of disinformation about electric cars. I'm not sure when embracing complacency won out over progress, but few things have made a greater punching bag over the past year or so than the Chevy Volt.

Of course, none of this really matters. The fact is, electric car development is underway. It's happening, and there is strong demand.

Still, the fact that someone actually took the time to create and launch such an e-mail campaign is beyond pathetic. The rest of the world is moving forward, and we're doing crap like this.

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