Jesse Ventura: Governor, Navy SEAL, Professional Wrestler ...Treehugger?

This Treehugger Can Kick Your Ass!

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted October 13, 2014

jthbvAs a kid, when I used to watch Jesse “the Body” Ventura win a match, I would strut around our wood-paneled basement and cheer. Although when he beat Ivan Putski after a count-out, I must admit, I wanted to see a more spectacular finish to an awesome match. After all, it was 1984 – the “Year of the Body.”

In any event, Ventura was always one of my favorite wrestlers, and the way he worked the microphone with Mean Gene was truly magnificent.

Truth is, I think Ventura's way with words has always been as impressive as his remarkable physical abilities. And that's saying a lot. It's not as if just anyone can be a part of the Navy SEAL's Underwater Demolition Team.

But yes, Jesse Ventura is definitely a wordsmith. And fortunately, he often has a lot worth talking about.

Most recently was piece he did for “Off the Grid,” where he defined three roadblocks to being eco- conscious. Although I don't typically use words like “eco-conscious,” Ventura's point is spot on. So I'm including the video here.