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Will India Benefit from Chinese Solar Tariffs?

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted June 13, 2012

Indian consulting company Bridge to India released a statement saying that the proposed US tariffs against Chinese PV solar imports could actually be an enormous help to India, allowing it to become an alternative manufacturer. Such an event would also enable Indian PV solar companies to levy similar tariffs against Chinese solar imports.

The threat of similar tariffs reaffirms the case that Chinese PV producers may soon start looking for offshore manufacturing opportunities in an effort to avoid tariffs.

“Module suppliers with manufacturing facilities in southeast Asia, India and low-cost manufacturing destinations, who might not be as competitive as the Chinese manufacturers, are also likely to benefit from this ruling. Overall, like all other trade barriers, this will create price anomalies across markets…this trade war will find some companies and even countries winning and look away from the real challenge of trying to free solar of subsidies the whole world will stand to lose, ” Bridge to India said in a statement.