How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from U.S. Transportation

65% Reduction in Emissions by 2050

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted January 24, 2011 at 6:38PM

“The Gulf oil disaster tragically reminds us that our oil dependence carries significant risks for our security and environment,” said Eileen Claussen, president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change recently released a new report that examines cost-effective solutions to begin cutting U.S. transportation emissions and oil use, and move toward cleaner, alternative fuels.ustransportation

“Cost-effective transportation solutions exist now to begin to manage these risks. By supporting meaningful policies as citizens and choosing advanced technologies as consumers, we will drive the nation toward a cleaner, safer transportation future,” Claussen said.

The report, Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from U.S. Transportation, identifies reasonable actions across three fronts: technology, policy, and consumer behavior. These efforts could deliver up to a 65 percent reduction in transportation emissions from current levels by 2050.

The study was written by David L. Greene, corporate fellow of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Steven Plotkin, a staff scientist with Argonne National Laboratory’s Center for Transportation Research.

The scenarios show emissions reductions of 17 percent, 39 percent, and 65 percent below 2010 levels by 2050.

The findings were based on a wide range of existing transportation literature and the authors’ own analysis.

You can read the study in its entirety here.

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