Green Sector Waves Goodbye to 2009, Anticipates Stellar 2010

Green Chip's Weekend Edition

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted December 19, 2009 at 11:41PM

Welcome to the Green Chip Review Weekend Edition — our insights from the week in everything alternative and cleantech, as well as links to our most-read Green Chip Review and sister publication articles.

This week began with a much-anticipated announcement from the world's largest automaker. Toyota will "begin selling affordable plug-in hybrid cars in 2011."

That news is great for green investors for several reasons. With GM and Nissan also pursuing plug-ins for large markets, there will be investment options aplenty. From batteries to charging systems to smart home energy systems that will be necessary for wide-scale hybrid adoption... smart investors will reap easy profits from the coming electric vehicle boom.

And we've begun to see some indication of how those investments will develop.

California announced this week that it's approved a $1.96 billion project to add 173 miles of new transmission line that will bring more renewable energy to the state. Projects like this are critical to establishing an electric economy and present solid investment catalysts for investors.

In-step with that announcement, Californian utility Edison International announced on Thursday it will "invest $20 billion over the next five years to help bring more clean and renewable power and energy efficiencies to consumers."

Announcements like that almost make you feel the cleantech momentum.

That building momentum is what led to First Solar's declaration this week that it expects markedly higher 2010 sales, and will boost production in response. It said sales could be half a billion higher than expected. Expect a good all-around year for solar in 2010.

Other sectors will fair well, too.

The billions of dollars in capital that were devoted to clean energy by global governments during the recession are starting to pay off. In the U.S., stimulus programs have done so well that a $5 billion expansion of clean energy tax credits has been proposed. That is estimated to generate $15 billion in private investment.

An example of that private investment was seen this week as smart grid company Silver Spring Networks raised $100 million in its latest round. Rumors of an IPO next year are rampant.

We'll be poised to capitalize on it, and all the other opportunities that will come our way next year.

You can catch up on the rest of this week's coverage below.

Have a great holiday week,

Nick Hodge


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