The World's First Green Dryer

Making the World More Efficient, One Load at a Time

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted February 3, 2009 at 5:47PM

The number of people looking into renewable energy solutions to ease the world's anxiety about the looming crisis has been rapidly growing as the news gets worse and worse.

Yet, the number of those looking into renewable energy seems to be considerably more than the number of people actually being moved to invest in green energy solutions.

When it comes to green energy in the home, hesitations spring from the overwhelming concept of remodeling to accommodate solar and wind power as primary forms of energy.

Yet, little by little simpler solutions are coming out of the woodwork, giving people options to slowly and permanently rely on green energy solutions. 

The introduction of the world's first energy dryer uses one of the oldest concepts of power known as hydronics, explained as the utilization of water or other fluids to transfer hear from one location to another.

More simply, the concept of using power derived from hot water radiators and harnessing steam both date back to before we found ourselves in this crisis.

The Hydromatic Technologies Corporation has produced this next generation of liquid-based technology as the heat transfer delivery system, resulting in energy-saving, faster drying technology.
The efforts of applying this age old concept have produced the world's first green clothes dryer, running completely on this form of green energy. This technology has taken an appliance that previously expended enormous amounts of energy (about 4 kilowatt hours of energy/hour) and turned it into an energy saving, easy first step to a permanent renewable energy solution.

Hopefully refrigerators will be next.

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