Global Solar Council

Major Solar Players Join Forces to Expand Industry

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted May 7, 2012

Major players in the PV solar industry have decided to join forces and create the Global Solar Council, a CEO-level coalition with the goal of expanding the use of PV solar in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Global Solar Council members will work with governments all over the world to help continue the growth of the industry by demonstrating how affordable and abundant PV solar energy actually is. In addition, the Global Solar Council wants to illustrate that supporting PV solar not only fosters technological breakthroughs, but also aids in job creation and economic growth.

According to the newly minted Executive Director of the Global Solar Council Roland-Jan Meijer, “The Global Solar Council is an important and timely industry initiative. It demonstrates a strong commitment by key players in the sector to work together to continue to make solar energy a global success.”

The Global Solar Council’s founding members and their representatives are:

  • Applied Materials (Dr. Charles F. Gay, President).

  • Dow Corning (Robert D. Hansen, CEO)

  • DuPont (David B. Miller, President, DuPont Electronics & Communications)

  • First Solar (Michael J. Ahearn, Chairman and Interim CEO)

  • Lanco Solar (Vutukari Saibaba, CEO)

  • Phoenix Solar (Dr. Andreas Hänel, CEO)

  • Suntech (Dr. Zhengrong Shi, CEO)