Geothermal Stocks

The Emission Free Power Source Poised for Long-term Profits

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted October 26, 2007

By now you've seen the Chevron commercial touting their research and investment in alternative energy, including geothermal power. And even though a major oil company is just now expressing its interest, the black sheep of the renewables world is one Green Chip accepted long ago.

Geothermal , unlike wind, solar, and biofuels, rarely gets a piece of the limelight. And that's something I've not been able to figure out.

After all, it's an emission-free power source that's not affected by the shifting availability of sunshine and wind. That means geothermal is capable of being a base load power source, like coal- and natural gas-fired plants.

And as such, it's become price competitive with traditional sources of power in many areas, including the Southwestern US.

It's for all those reasons that we've been extremely bullish on geothermal stocks from the outset, boasting three geothermal plays in the current Green Chip portfolio.

Geothermal Stocks and Steam-Powered Profits

With oil having touched $92.22, renewable energy sources are looking increasingly promising. But even when oil was relatively cheap these geothermal stocks were still making their rise.

Now, with oil on the verge of $100, these plays are only going to go higher. Let's have a look.

Green Chip got in on Ormat Technologies (NYSE: ORA) all the way back in January 2005, shortly after the IPO. Take a look at the chart below...

Ormat Technologies (NYSE:ORA)

We got in at $16.28 a share, and our readers are now sitting on gains of over 200%.

And, of course, you all know about US Geothermal (OTCBB: UGTH), one of the true darlings of the Green Chip portfolio. We alerted our readers to get into this stock back in July 2006, when the price stood at a mere $.80.


Now, with the stock holding in the high threes, Green Chip subscribers have attained gains of over 380%!

Plus, with coverage recently initiated on this stock by Pacific Growth Equities, we're confident US Geothermal will continue its climb.

We've also seen good gains from Raser Technologies (NYSE: RZ). Although this company was late to the geothermal game, our readers have seen a 90% increase in this stock over the past twelve months.

Raser Technologies (NYSE:RZ)

Just this week, the company announced plans to begin drilling a geothermal production well in central Utah's Escalante Desert for use in another 10 MW binary-cycle geothermal power plant. It will be the first geothermal power facility built in Utah in over 15 years, and should serve not only for electricity generation, but to power the stock higher as well.

Another geothermal stock we're looking at is Nevada Geothermal (OTCBB: NGLPF). While it's not in the Green Chip portfolio, it has been featured for gains in our Alternative Energy Trader.

The company has been announcing great performance test from their properties and estimates it can produce up to 200 megawatts of power from the land it currently holds. The Street has been responding positively to this company lately, and at such a low price, this stock certainly has plenty of room to grow.

Nevada Geothermal (NGLPF)


Geothermal Stocks Haven't Played Out, So Don't Fret Just Yet

You may have seen quite a few geothermal plays that have already made significant gains. But don't worry, there are still plenty to come.

As the world continues to exploit all possible alternative options to produce power, geothermal will certainly emerge as one of the clear winners. And as long as there are profits to be made, Green Chip will continue recommending winning geothermal stocks to its readers.

In fact, we have our eyes on a few up-and-coming geothermal companies right now.

Be sure not to miss the next round of geothermal stock gains. As you've just seen, the three geothermal companies in our portfolio have already netted gains of 200%, 380%, and 90%, respectively.

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