GE Wind Turbines

GE Wind Turbines To Power Largest Wind Farm In The World

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted December 10, 2009

wind turbines

General Electric (NYSE:GE) announced today that it has received a $1.4 billion turbine and services contract from power producer Caithness Energy.

The turbines will power an 845 megawatt wind farm in Oregon called Shepherds Flat. When completed, it will be the largest wind farm in operation in the world.

The contract also marks the US debut and largest single order of GE's 2.5xl wind turbines.

According to Caithness Energy, the $2 billion project will inject $16 million annually of direct economic benefits into Oregon, and will employ 400 workers during construction, and 35 during operation.

Shepherds Flat will supply Southern California Edison with the power under three 20-year power purchase agreements. Overall, the project will provide enough clean energy to power about 235,000 average California households.

Construction will begin next year, and the wind farm will be completed in 2012.

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