Fast Charging Electric Cars

Charge Your Electric Car In Ten Minutes

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted October 10, 2011

How long will it take until we can charge our electric cars in the same amount of time it takes to fill the tank?

Some say never, some say it'll be decades.

Neither are very realistic as fast-charging stations that charge electric vehicles in 20 minutes already exist. Although most electric car owners charge their vehicles overnight with a common charging system that'll take about six to eight hours for a full charge. Just plug it in before you go to bed, and wake up with a fully-charged car.

Of course, eight-hour charges will eventually go the way of the typewriter. And it may happen sooner than we think.

Turns out, Nissan and Japan's Kansai University have created the necessary technology to charge the batteries in a Nissan LEAF or a Mitsubishi iMiEV in just ten minutes.

By changing the electrode inside a capacitor from carbon to tungsten oxide and vanadium oxide, researchers were able to charge a battery in ten minutes – and with no considerable impact on voltage or storage capacity.

These types of technological development are happening every week, my friends.

It really is just a matter of time before we'll all have the opportunity to recharge our electric cars in ten minutes – and doing so after driving a full 600 miles on the first charge.

Yes, the future of personal transportation will not be limited to the outdated internal combustion engine.