European Water Shortages Coming

Water Supplies in Europe are Drying Up

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted March 15, 2012 at 7:44PM

Europe’s water supply has been under attack and the usual suspects are to blame.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) recently announced at the World Water Forum in Marseille that the entire continent's already- strained water supply was getting much worse. Experts blamed this on inefficient use of water, limited supplies being needlessly wasted and climate change.

“The critical thing for us that we are seeing an increasing number of regions where river basins, because of climate change, are experiencing water scarcity,” EEA executive director Jacqueline McGlade explained. “Yet behavioral change, and what that means, hasn’t really come about.”

McGlade advised every nation in the EU to think outside the box and not just keep on instituting the same water restrictions year after year. She is calling for long-term investments in various areas with new solutions to this recurring problem, such as different methods of irrigation and water cleaning in agricultural situations. Currently, in some areas such as in Southern Europe, a staggering 80% of water resources are spent on agriculture.

In addition to economic and social consequences, ecosystems are also being put at risk. In rivers all over Europe, water pulses, which help fish mobility, are being deterred due to the overuse of water.

England is also feeling continental Europe’s water strain. On Monday, seven water companies in England announced, due to consecutive dry winters, a hosepipe band will be enacted in April.

Even Former Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev spoke at the EEA forum, saying, “Continuation of water consumption at 20th Century rates is no longer possible.” Gorbachev went on; explaining his life in politics informed his belief of the link between the global water crisis and flaws of contemporary economics and politics.

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