2008 Energy Bill

The Senate Must Have a Sense of Humor

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted December 14, 2007 at 9:16PM

Editor's Note: Click here for an updated analysis of the situation surrounding a possible Energy Bill 2008.


Another bill with the best of intentions bit the dust this week (at least in its original form) while big oil added another notch on its belt, squeezing out every last drop of influence from partisan politics.

In the energy bill a measure for repealing tax breaks for large oil and gas companies and directing that funding to the renewable energy sector trembled and tumbled as the opposition won by a single vote.

But no worries, this filibuster is weak in the knees and buckled by letting the CAFE Standards slide through.

And what a God send that is!

I mean nothing - absolutely nothing - could prepare us for the reality of peak oil, the caustic tide of global warming or WWIII over oil like the CAFE Standards.

Just imagine the ramifications of our national fleet getting 35 mpg by 2020.

I know what you're thinking...

Who needs solar, geothermal, or wind power if your truck can get 22.2 mpg? Never mind the average light duty vehicle gets 21.6 mpg right now.

Exactly right! Bollocks to all that stuff.

Hell, over in Paris, according to the International Energy Agency, the average fuel consumption is 32.1 mpg.

But, by golly, we're Americans, we like our fries honky tonk style and we certainly don't need to learn from Europe.

That would be utterly foolish. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing big oil wasn't getting the tax breaks they deserve, and, ye gods, even worse, the car in my driveway was a diesel powered European Ford Focus that ticks off 46 miles per gallon.

Why would I drive that when the new energy bill says I won't have to get 35 mpg until 2020?

Wow, talk about progress...

Now before you start drafting your “this is liberal propaganda” e-mails, rest assured, my only goal here is a stronger nation. I could care less which side of the aisle enables this. Bottom line: A stronger America is an America that isn’t held hostage by oil. Period.

And that ain’t propaganda. That’s patriotism.

By the way, here’s a list of all the Senators that decided to play games with our future, and continue our dangerous addiction to oil. They can also be found at www.senate.gov.

Senator Alexander from Tennessee

Senator Allard from Colorado

Senator Barrasso from Wyoming

Senator Bennett from Utah

Senator Bond from Missouri

Senator Brownback from Kansas

Senator Bunning from Kentucky

Senator Burr from North Carolina

Senator Chambliss from Georgia

Senator Coburn from Oklahoma

Senator Cochran from Mississippi

Senator Corker from Tennessee

Senator Cornyn from Texas

Senator Craig from Idaho

Senator Crapo from Idaho

Senator DeMint from South Carolina

Senator Dole from North Carolina

Senator Domenici from New Mexico

Senator Ensign from Nevada

Senator Enzi from Wyoming

Senator Graham from South Carolina

Senator Gregg from New Hampshire

Senator Hagel from Nebraska

Senator Hutchison from Texas

Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma

Senator Isakson from Georgia

Senator Kyl from Arizona

Senator Landrieu from Louisiana

Senator Lott from Mississippi

Senator Martinez from Florida

Senator McConnell from Kentucky

Senator Roberts from Kansas

Senator Sessions from Alabama

Senator Shelby from Alabama

Senator Specter from Pennsylvania

Senator Stevens from Alaska

Senator Sununu from New Hampshire

Senator Vitter from Louisiana

Senator Voinovich from Ohio

Senator Warner from Virginia

Introducing, ladies and gentleman, the class of 2008—Big Oil’s Puppets.

You vote ‘em…we stoke ‘em.

Keep your hopes in the future but your sense in the present,


Field Palmer