Electric Car Battery Development

Electric Cars At Half The Price

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted March 2, 2012 at 8:51PM

Envia Systems is well on its way to making electric vehicles affordable and accessible to the masses with technological advances in its longer-lasting, record energy density lithium-ion batteries.

Through “record breaking energy density and the use of low cost materials and manufacturing processes”, the company was able to reduce the price of an electric vehicle's battery pack by half.

The recent trend in the electric car industry is the progress toward making hybrid vehicles more affordable. Like we saw with Toyota's new hybrid Prius c, manufacturers are changing the way we think about hybrids as expensive and inaccessible to an affordable, legitimate alternative to gasoline-powered cars.

One of the main concerns consumers have about switching to electric cars is the battery life. Obviously having to go to a service station to recharge your car is not a factor in purchasing a gasoline fueled vehicle, but it's something that electric car buyers take into consideration, which implies a lower level of convenience associated with owning an electric vehicle.

Envia is addressing this key drawback with the development of its high performance lithium ion battery with greater energy density and longer life cycles, eliminating buyers' “range anxiety” about when and where the battery may run out.

With these new technological breakthroughs combined with soaring gas prices, electric vehicles are becoming an extremely attractive alternative to gasoline-powered cars.

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