Coca Cola Alternative Fuels

Coca Cola looks to add biomethane trucks to fleets

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted April 3, 2012 at 2:03PM

The UK branch of Coca-Cola Enterprises (NYSE:CCE) has just released a new report on the trial of a truck that runs entirely on biomethane gas.

The results are pretty interesting.

CCE had Cenex appraise the emissions, fuel consumption, economics, reliability and operability of a biomethane-fueled 26-ton Inveco Stralis. This vehicle is typically powered by diesel.

According to the report, the vehicle drove and performed in a similar manner to current diesel technologies installed in many fleets. However, the biomethane offers drastically reduced CO2 and mono-nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions while also giving a quieter ride. It is estimated a new fleet of biomethane-fueled vehicles would consume about 168 tons of biomethane, which would save more than 300 tons of CO2, 3,505 pounds of NOx and 72 pounds of PM emissions.

Some of the other findings of the report include:

  • The biomethane vehicle attained a 50.3% saving in well-to-wheel GHG emissions compared to the diesel vehicle even using a temporary fueling station. This number can hit 60.7% with a fully installed fueling station.

  • Drivers noted how well the biomethane vehicle performed and rated the performance higher than the diesel vehicle.

  • Operating a biomethane vehicle reduced fuel costs by 12.8%

Coca-Cola was so impressed with the performance that it ordered a fleet of 14 gas Iveco Stralis vehicles with a fueling station to be installed at its Enfield depot in June.