Chinese Wind Turbine Manufacturers

Will China Dominate The Wind Power Market, Too?

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted February 7, 2012

Chinese wind turbine manufacturers have been on a tear lately.

Just last month, Xinjiang Goldwind (the second largest Chinese wind turbine producer) announced that it had landed 13 North American wind power contracts. Then a week later, the company announced it's 14th – the acquisition of two 10 megawatt windfarms in Shawmut, Montana.

And this morning we learned that China Ming Yang Wind Power Group (NYSE:MY) just landed a deal to supply turbines and build two wind parks for Bulgarian wind energy developer W. Power Ltd.

Now last year was the first year China's own wind development slowed. This, after a doubling every year from 2005 to 2010. Although wind energy integration will continue in the Middle Kingdom, Chinese wind turbine manufacturers are quickly expanding into other markets. It is likely that we will see even more wind turbine deals in Europe and the U.S. throughout 2012.

As for the new Bulgarian project, that will be operational by the end of this year.