California Alternative Transportation Investment

California Ponies Up $35 Million for Alternative Transportation

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted June 4, 2012 at 1:57PM

The California Energy Commission just unanimously approved a $35 million funding for projects dealing with the development of renewable fuels and technology in California.

The award supports various fuels and technologies including biodiesel production, natural gas vehicles, hybrid and plug-in vehicles and E85 fueling stations.

Among the recipients are:

  • CALSTART, Inc: The company will receive $14,469,304 for demonstrating the use of alternative fuels and technologies on medium and heavy-duty vehicles. 29 vehicles are scheduled to be tested with technologies ranging from all-electric battery powered to hybrid diesel-electric.

  • Propel Biofuels, Inc.: For installing 101 new E85 fueling stations across the state, the company will get $10.1 million.

  • SacPort Biofuels Corp: It will receive $5 million to develop, build and test a process to produce renewable biomass diesel from local landfills.

  • Gas Technology Institute: This non-profit energy research and development organization will get $4,562,532 for two different projects. One is a demonstration of three plug-in hybrid trucks (in a partnership with US Hybrid Corp) and the other a demonstration of a natural gas version of the Navistar MaxxForce 13 diesel engine (in a partnership with Clean Air Power).

  • Springboard Biodiesel, LLC: It is getting $758,200 to develop and build a pilot biodiesel production facility in Chico, California.

  • Whole Energy Pacifica LLC: It is set to receive $125,274 to design, build and install a fuel-blending system at a preexisting biodiesel plant in Richmond, California. This technology will allow for a uniform blending of the diesel and biodiesel.

  • Reynolds Buick-GMC: It will receive a buy-down incentive of $16,000 for two natural gas-fueled medium-duty vehicles weighing in at 8,501 to 14,000. The money will go to help pay for the difference of cost between the cost of conventionally fueled vehicles and ones that will use natural gas.