Another Contract, Another 52-Wk High!

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted September 16, 2005

Last week I mentioned that I would be recommending a new industrial hybrid technology company to Green Chip subscribers.

I did. We got in around $1.03 a share.

Today, that company announced a new contact for 115 of its hybrid vehicles. As a result, the company's stock hit a new 52-wk high -- putting the total gain for those who got in after last week's recommendation at nearly 20% already!

And another Green Chip favorite -- a small Canadian solar company specializing in the industrial lighting industry, also hit a record high today after securing a major contract with the U.S. Coast Guard -- putting us up another 6% just this afternoon alone.

This, only one week after yet another one of our industrial solar stocks put Green Chip investors up more than 101% in less than two weeks!!!

There's no doubt about it. Green Chip Stocks' alternative energy plays continue to remain hot.

In fact, every single alternative energy stock in my Green Chip Stocks portfolio is up!

There are no losers.

And there's still much more to come.

In the next few weeks, I'll be revealing two more alternative energy stocks to my subscribers that are ripe for the picking.

To find out more about these stocks, as well as all the other Green Chip stocks (including the Canadian organic retailer that's already put Green Chip investors up more than 200%...and looks to put us up as much as another 300% by the end of the year), click here now.

Until Next Time,

- Jeff Siegel