Alternative Energy Speculator

Alternative Energy Speculator: Speculative Clean-Energy Plays and Much More Aggressive Gains

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted March 31, 2008 at 5:32PM

You might be asking yourself how Alternative Energy Speculator is different than our flagship research advisory, Green Chip Stocks.

That's easy. By strictly adhering to the Green Chip Stocks philosophy of pure renewable plays and all natural materials, we left a mountain of blockbuster opportunities in alternative energy on the table...

Opportunities that, while helping clean up the atmosphere and wean our dependence from petroleum, don't adhere to the strict criteria in the Green Chip Stocks portfolio.

And while many of the plays in the Alternative Energy Speculator are considered more speculative, the index busting gain potential cannot be ignored.

In the Alternative Energy Speculator, we're not just dealing with solar, ethanol, and geothermal companies...we're taking advantage of every aspect of cleaner energy...the stop-gap companies that are making a fortune lowering carbon emissions, makers of more fuel efficient engines, and other technology that will help the U.S. successfully build a bridge from current fuel to the energy of the future.

Investors have no choice but to safely collect huge some of money.

Alternative Energy Speculator Update

So far in 2009, The Speculator has closed more than one cleantech winner per week.  Most of them have been double-digit gains.

This thousands-strong community of like-minded investors are boasting a portfolio that's crushing the broader market. And, quite frankly, it's been easy.

Billions have been dedicated to cleantech from governments all over the world. And lending institutions are eager to shift capital into renewable energy projects.

Taking clean energy gains has never been easier. And my thousands of readers have never been happier.

And today, you can join them risk-free. Here's what you get with the Alternative Energy Speculator:

· Access to our latest research reports, including investment recommendations in wind, solar, water, smart grid, and more.

· Detailed updates on the companies in the Alternative Energy Speculator portfolio.

· Instant alerts whenever a buy or sell recommendation is made and

· A FREE copy of my latest book, Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks

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