Alternative Energy Makes a Quick $50 Billion

renewable energy and sustainability

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted May 9, 2007

The idea that renewable energy and sustainability is the notion of a minority is rapidly diminishing.

Once thought of as marginal, the revolution we here at Green Chip Review knew would succeed is now dominating the front page and the marketplace--bringing hefty profits with every headline and positive press release.

Although naysayers are still throwing junk science at the wall in a dying effort to see what sticks, the plethora of new legislation, the general increase of public interest and support, and the billions of investment dollars are fast making them look silly and sloppy.

And though it tickles me pink to watch them squirm and stu-stutter, it gives me greater pleasure to constantly rake in profits from an industry whose legitimacy they’re still trying to question.

Jaundiced eyes aside, the renewables industry is here to stay. So let’s take this time to review its validation.

Money. Whether it’s money invested or money made, the amount is continually growing.

Annual revenue in the renewable energy industry is predicted to exceed $226 billion by 2016.

This past Sunday, Japan pledged $100 million in grants to the Asian Development Bank to promote greener investment.

Just yesterday it was announced that China intends to spend $200 billion on renewable energy over the next 15 years, to build hydropower, wind- and solar-powered plants to fuel growth for the world’s second largest energy consumer.


Citigroup, the world’s biggest financial services group, chimed in yesterday as well, committing $50 billion to environmental projects--because, according to their press release, of the opportunities presented by climate change.

This is on top of the $2.4 billion venture capitalists poured into the industry last year.

Folks, this kind of investment doesn’t happen unless a market has a proven and prosperous future.

Political PR. Now that sustainability is hip, bipartisan support is growing faster than Al Gore signs copies of his DVD.

From state legislatures to Capitol Hill, renewable energy standards, efficiency measures and tax incentives are being introduced at a record pace.

And by the way, there’s also an election coming up. We’re only eight months away from the first primaries, and candidates from both parties are preaching their energy policies to anyone who will listen.

With such momentum, this industry can only move forward--fast. And opportunities in this sector will be here for years to come.

And you’d better believe that Green Chip investors will profit every step of the way.

In fact, just two days ago, alternative energy stocks analyst Jeff Siegel sent this email to his Alternative Energy Trader subscribers:

Odyne Corporation (ODYC.OB) announced today that it has formed an alliance with Creative Bus Sales, Inc. This is the nation’s largest commercial bus dealership, and will open up a new sales channel for Plug-In Electric Buses containing Odyne’s propulsion system technology.

Last week the stock popped after the company announced an agreement with Dueco. But a selloff soon followed. Now the stock is trading below $1.20.

However, with today’s news, I think the stock could certainly pop again. So let’s grab some now and ride the news.

As a side note, it looks like this company could get pretty aggressive this year. So while we’ll play it now as a trade, we may revisit it later as more of a long-term investment.

About three hours later, Jeff alerted his subscribers to sell, locking in a 23.9% gain.

Jeff’s still quite bullish on Odyne, and plans to monitor this alternative energy stock closely over the next few months for longer-term investment opportunities.

We’ll keep you posted as this develops.

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