112 MPG Hybrid Unveiled

Toyota Ups the Ante on Fuel Economy

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted March 9, 2012

Last month, Toyota Motor Corporation's (NYSE: TMC) announcement of its new Prius c Hybrid, to be released in June 2012, shocked the masses with its surprisingly low price and highest rated fuel economy of any vehicle without a plug. This month, Toyota introduced its FT-Bh (Future Toyota B-Segment Hybrid) at the Geneva International Motor Show.

At an astounding 112 mpg, the FT-Bh is the latest concept car of TMC's Hybrid Synergy Drive line, with half the CO2 emissions of the current average of B-segment cars.

The ultimate objective of the ultra-lightweight Hybrid is to maximize efficiency with a reduced mass of 1,733 pounds of high-tensile-strength steel and high-expansion foam material, large diameter, narrow width tires that reduce road and air resistance, and a smaller engine.

These elements combined, in addition to its enhanced safety features, bring Toyota's FT-Bh to the forefront of next-generation concept cars that offer superior fuel efficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and advanced aerodynamics.

Anticipating the Hybrid market to rapidly expand over the next ten years, the Japanese automaker outdid itself this time introducing a maximum efficiency, innovative concept design vehicle with an affordable price tag.