Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Amazon is Now Working with a Pot Company

This Pot Company Just Inked a Deal with Amazon

By Jeff Siegel on March 19, 2018
This cannabis company just inked a deal with Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart. Does that make it a good investment?

Investing in the New “Big Pharma”

The Last Investment You’ll Ever Need to Make

By Jeff Siegel on March 12, 2018
Big Pharma’s about to be taken over by the biggest biotech discovery of the century, quite frankly, this is the kind of stuff that turns average investors into millionaires...

Cannabis Investors Await the Firing of Jeff Sessions

Urgent: Buy These 3 Pot Stocks Now

By Jeff Siegel on March 5, 2018
There’s never been a better time to buy these three pot stocks. Jeff Siegel discusses the upcoming catalyst that will send them soaring.

Cannabis is the New Big Pharma

This New Treatment for Alzheimer’s is Worth a Fortune

By Jeff Siegel on February 26, 2018
Cannabis is proving to be an effective treatment for dozens of illnesses and diseases, and investors are cleaning up. Energy & Capital editor Jeff Siegel explains how readers can take advantage...

Alcohol Losing Market Share to Weed

These Pot Stocks Keep Doubling

By Jeff Siegel on February 19, 2018
Another alcohol company warns of market share loss to cannabis. While alcohol companies are citing legal cannabis as a risk to their businesses, some cannabis companies are actively making moves on alcohol companies...

There’s No End in Sight for Cannabis Investors

This is Huge for Marijuana Stocks

By Jeff Siegel on February 13, 2018
Cannabis sales are officially moving in on beer sales. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel discusses why that's good for investors and how the profits have already started rolling in.