Green Chip Stocks Appearances

How to Profit from Cocoa Futures in a Post-Carbon World

By Jeff Siegel on February 19, 2024

Would You Buy THIS Electric Car from China?

By Jeff Siegel on February 19, 2024
Chinese automakers are building manufacturing plants in Mexico in an effort to bypass US tariffs. That, plus the ability to make these cars cheaper and faster than any US company will really present a challenge for Ford...

Forget EVs, Big Oil Still Holds All the Cards

By Jeff Siegel on February 16, 2024
As populations grow and energy demand increases, we need everything we can get our hands on. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel has high hopes for hydrogen. And he's not the only one...

Don’t Fear Progress. Profit From It!

By Jeff Siegel on February 12, 2024

Biden’s New Plan to Kill American Jobs

By Jeff Siegel on February 12, 2024
President Biden recently warned us that one of the reasons we should not allow Chinese EV imports is because they pose a national security risk. Really, a national security risk?

BREAKING: EU Announces New Nuclear Power Program

By Jeff Siegel on February 9, 2024
For the first time ever, wind generation exceeded that of natural gas. This, according to the latest data from xxx Ember, which also showed that fossil fuels provided less than one-third of the EU’s electricity generation in 2023 while renewables accounted for 44%.