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Nothing Can Stop These Pot Stocks

My Next Marijuana Stock Pick Is...

By Jeff Siegel on January 10, 2018
Even in the face of government intervention, pot stocks continue to crush it. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel shows readers some of this stellar performance.

Pot Stocks already Coming Back after Threats from Jeff Sessions

The U.S. Attorney General Can't Stop Progress!

By Jeff Siegel on January 5, 2018
One day after Jeff Sessions announced new prohibitionist policies in an effort to crackdown on the legal cannabis market, cannabis stocks are back up.

Why Jeff Sessions' decision on Cannabis doesn’t Matter

Green Chip Stocks Podcast: 1/4/18

By Jeff Siegel on January 4, 2018
Jeff Sessions his waving his prohibitionist sword again, and the market is destroying pot stocks. But don't worry. It's only temporary. In fact, we’re now looking to pick up some really nice bargains.

U.S. Pot Stocks for 2018

My First Pot Stock Recommendation for 2018

By Jeff Siegel on January 4, 2018
2018 is your chance to get rich on pot stocks. Energy & Capital editor Jeff Siegel discusses the markets that will be first out of the gate in the New Year...

Today's Green Chip Stocks Podcast: Cannabis Stocks Continue to Crush it!

Looking for a sell-off in the Cannabis Space

By Jeff Siegel on January 3, 2018
Looking for new ways to play the cannabis market.

How Investors Are Getting Rich from Pot Stocks

New Pot Stock Recommendation

By Jeff Siegel on December 19, 2017
Energy and Capital readers continue to get rich by investing in pot stocks, and 2018 is about to be an even better year for it.