Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Will Human Rights Abuses Burden China Solar Stocks?

How to Profit From Solar’s Dirty Little Secret

By Jeff Siegel on August 11, 2022
Policymakers on both sides of the aisle have put protocols in place to ensure that solar panels imported to the U.S. have not been manufactured by slave labor.

Given President Biden’s Climate Plan, Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Solar Stocks?

By Jeff Siegel on August 4, 2022
Solar stocks soared after Sens. Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin reached a deal on a new climate spending package. It’s not just the solar industry that will benefit, though...

You Don’t Need to Win the Mega Millions to Become Stinking Rich

By Jeff Siegel on July 28, 2022
You don’t have to win the lottery to be wealthy enough to afford all the things you want in life. You just need to make the right investments.

Is President Biden About to Cripple Big Oil?

By Jeff Siegel on July 21, 2022
With the stroke of a pen, President Biden could single-handedly gut the U.S. oil industry. And some believe that’s what he’s about to do...

Why Energy Investors Need to Focus on California’s Renewable Energy Strategy

Climate Change: A Bureaucratic Boondoggle or the Opportunity of a Lifetime?

By Jeff Siegel on July 14, 2022
Boasting a GDP of $3.35 trillion, California has the fifth-largest economy in the world. It's bigger than India, France, and even the U.K. This is not trivial.

EU Sides With Big Oil and Tells Tree Huggers to Take a Hike

By Jeff Siegel on July 7, 2022
Environmentalists had a bad day yesterday after the EU Parliament revealed it will now label natural gas and nuclear as “green” energy investments...