Green Chip Stocks Appearances

The Robin Hood Tax: An Exercise in Tyranny

Stealing from the rich isn’t an act of social justice, it’s theft

By Jeff Siegel on May 21, 2018
I stand with those who fight for social justice, but not if it involves stealing from other people.

The Legalization of Marijuana is Coming Thanks to the Supreme Court

Buy Alert: Supreme Court Confirms Legalization of Pot

By Jeff Siegel on May 17, 2018
A recent Supreme Court decision has virtually guaranteed the legalization of marijuana is coming. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel discusses how investors who aren't already in position can take advantage of the coming wave of wealth...

The Hidden Racist Message in Tucker Carlson's Rant Against Two Senators that Support Cannabis Legalization

A Bizarre Rant from Tucker Carlson on Cannabis Legalization

By Jeff Siegel on May 14, 2018
Tucker Carlson’s connection between liberal conspiracies and the legalization of cannabis represents an elevation of absurdity.

Our Next Round of Pot Stock Winners

New Buy Alert

By Jeff Siegel on May 10, 2018
Another big event is planned for this month, and if all goes well, a few select pot stocks are going to soar. There’s still time, however, to stake your claim. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel has the details...

Investing in The Green Organic Dutchman

The Biggest Marijuana IPO of 2018 Starts Trading Tomorrow

By Jeff Siegel on May 1, 2018
The Green Organic Dutchman will be the biggest pot stock of 2018. The Green Organic Dutchman is an organic cannabis producer in Ontario, Canada, and insiders have been drooling all over this thing since the IPO was announced last year. Here's why...

Carl Icahn and the Great Ethanol Scam

The Renewable Fuels Standard Must End

By Jeff Siegel on April 30, 2018
If Trump wants to protect taxpayers, he should support the repeal of the renewable fuels standard.