Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Why the Government Doesn’t Need to Convince You to Buy an Electric Car

By Jeff Siegel on January 26, 2023
Now that Biden is pushing hard to transition away from internal combustion, the electric vehicle market is only going to grow even faster...

3 Solar-Powered Electric Car Companies to Watch

By Jeff Siegel on January 25, 2023

Anti-Free Trade Governor Kills 2,500 American Jobs

By Jeff Siegel on January 24, 2023

Investing in the Gigafactory of Electric Buses

By Jeff Siegel on January 19, 2023
There's no greater profit opportunity in the electric vehicle space than electric buses — and there’s no greater stock to play than this one...

Siemens Takes the Lead in the Billion-Dollar Electric Locomotive Race

By Jeff Siegel on January 17, 2023
A $3.25 billion contract to supply and service freight trains in India just went down and it's the biggest locomotive deal in history...

The Real Reason Big Oil Won’t Invest in New Production

By Jeff Siegel on January 12, 2023
Based on the trends, we can safely assume that electric vehicles will continue to eat into internal combustion vehicle market share going forward...