Green Chip Stocks Appearances

AOC Comes Clean on Why She Didn’t Buy a Union-Made Car

By Jeff Siegel on September 28, 2023
The early bird gets the golden worm, which is why analyst Jeff Siegel is always on the hunt for the latest in EV technology that allows us to not only enjoy the spoils of the EV race but also make a bunch of cash in the process.

The Inconvenient Truth about Electric Cars and the UAW

By Jeff Siegel on September 25, 2023

A Safe Haven More Valuable Than Gold

By Jeff Siegel on September 25, 2023
While there’s no denying that gold has historically served as a trusted hedge against inflation, it’s not a panacea and it’s definitely not delivering the way all those gold peddlers would have you believe...

Investing in the Death of Internal Combustion

By Jeff Siegel on September 21, 2023
While you can be sure the internal combustion vehicle will not go gently into that good night, you can be equally sure that the world is transitioning away from internal combustion and toward vehicle electrification. And investors who ignore this truism will miss out on some of the most profitable investment opportunities of a lifetime.

Why Ford (NYSE: F) will Dominate the Electric Pickup Truck Market

By Jeff Siegel on September 18, 2023

How the IRA Is Enriching Solar Investors

By Jeff Siegel on September 18, 2023
While it’s understandable that you might be angry, there’s no point in dwelling on the thievery and hustle of the Capitol Hill mafia… especially when you can use their cons to enrich yourself.