Green Chip Stocks Appearances

The Future of Bitcoin Mining will Be Powered by Clean Energy

Could this Single Stock Determine the Fate of Bitcoin?

By Jeff Siegel on June 17, 2021
While market analyst Jeff Siegel doesn't know the exact trajectory of Bitcoin, he suspects that the cryptocurrency miners that can lower their carbon footprints will further legitimize digital currency. Here's why...

The Floyd Mayweather of Investing

By Jeff Siegel on June 10, 2021
Truth is, if investment analysts were boxers, Energy and Capital would be the gym where Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, and Muhammad Ali trained. Yeah, we’re that good. And we have the track records to prove it.

Own Cybin Inc. (OTCBB: CLXPF) Before It Gets Uplisted

By Jeff Siegel on June 3, 2021
While market analyst Jeff Siegel certainly has exposure to a couple CSE-listed psychedelics stocks, the lion’s share of his psychedelics investments are focused on the companies that are either already on senior exchanges or soon will be. Because that, quite frankly, is where you’re going to get the most bang for your buck.

How Ford (NYSE: F) Just Killed the Internal Combustion Vehicle

By Jeff Siegel on May 27, 2021
The reign of internal combustion is coming to an end. And with this transition to electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles will come tremendous opportunities to make a lot of money.

How to Profit From the Death of Internal Combustion

By Jeff Siegel on May 20, 2021
According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, electric cars will be cheaper to produce than conventional vehicles by 2027, thereby initiating price parity with internal combustion...

Investing in the End of Pandemics

By Jeff Siegel on May 13, 2021
While vaccine debates make for great political fodder, the bottom line is that most of us are alive today because of vaccines. And in the case of messenger RNA vaccines, this is just the next evolution of vaccine science — and an amazing opportunity for investors to make a lot of money.