Africa Solar Opportunities

African Solar Plan Offers Solar Power For A Buck

Written by Green Chip Stocks
Posted February 21, 2012 at 4:01PM

British solar tech company, Eight19, is providing remote African villages with safe, affordable electricity through its IndiGo personal solar power service for just a dollar a week.

Eight19 first introduced its IndiGo solar energy system in Kenya six months ago and is quickly expanding throughout the continent, with recent service distribution in the world's newest country, South Sudan.

IndiGo solar allows customers to generate their own electricity using a photovoltaic panel and battery pack. To access the energy produced by their solar unit, they can purchase a $1 card with an imprinted code which is dialed into the battery back, allowing users to easily track their energy consumption.

This new technology employs the pay-as-you-go service model and its concept is similar to a prepaid calling card.

According to Steve Andrews, CEO of UK based charity, SolarAid, "Indigo is a potential game changer in bringing clean, safe lighting and electricity to the world's poorest people.”

Not only is IndiGo's solar energy service providing hours of lighting and electricity most rural African households would have never dreamed of having, but it's also offering a sustainable solution to burning kerosene oil, a popular, environmentally hazardous method of lighting widely used throughout Africa.

Eight19's IndiGo pay-as-you-go solar power has the ability to revolutionize the world's view on accessibility to solar energy and technology, and the use of renewable energy as a realistic, affordable option for people around the globe.

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