Green Chip Stocks

Green Chip Stocks Index:

ABB (ABB) - 20.80 -0.07

Canadian Solar (CSIQ) - 27.40 ↑ 0.15

Capstone Turbine (CPST) - 0.42 ↑ 0.02

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) - 609.56 ↑ 2.99

Daqo New Energy (DQ) - 22.34 -1.09

First Solar (FSLR) - 45.17 -0.87

General Electric (GE) - 26.78 ↑ 0.12

Hannon Armstrong (HASI) - 20.01 ↑ 0.11

Hanwha SolarOne (HSOL) - 1.10 ↑ 0.00

iPatch DJ-UBS Coffee (JO) - 21.35 ↑ 0.05

iPath Pure Beta Coffee (CAFE) - 14.62 -0.19

JA Solar (JASO) - 8.43 -0.07

Maxwell Technologies (MXWL) - 5.84 -0.12

NRG, Inc. (NRG) - 22.60 ↑ 0.15

NRG Yield, Inc. (NYLD) - 21.88 ↑ 0.31

Ormat (ORA) - 37.52 -0.22

Pattern Energy Group (PEGI) - 28.76 ↑ 0.47

SolarCity (SCTY) - 52.27 -0.13

SunEdison (SUNE) - 29.83 ↑ 0.24

SunPower (SPWR) - 27.49 -0.41

TerraForm Power (TERP) - 37.81 -0.09

Tesla (TSLA) - 280.02 ↑ 10.87

TransAlta Renewables (RNW) - 11.34 ↑ 0.00

Trina Solar (TSL) - 11.53 ↑ 0.01

U.S. Geothermal (HTM) - 0.54 ↑ 0.01

Whole Foods Market (WFM) - 39.15 -0.25

Yingli Green Energy (YGE) - 1.15 -0.04


February 2012 Archives

UK Offshore Wind Development - 2012-02-29
Will the UK reach 50% wind energy by 2050?

Electric Car Jobs Electric Car Jobs - 2012-02-29
Media deception on electric cars slows progress and continues complacency.

First Solar Headaches Continue - 2012-02-29
First Solar continues to get pounded and Linn Energy buys BP natural gas assets for $1.2 billion.

Starbucks Sustainability - 2012-02-29
Shawn Lesser offers his top ten reasons Starbucks is a leader in sustainability.

Good News For Solar Stocks? - 2012-02-28
JA Solar (NASDAQ:JASO) updates and raises 2011 sales forecast.

UK Wind Energy Industry UK Wind Energy Industry - 2012-02-28
Billions of wind energy investment dollars are now on hold in the UK.

Republicans Support Wind Energy Subsidy - 2012-02-28
It's amazing how important alternative energy subsidies become to Republican lawmakers when their home states benefit.

Richard Branson Sustainability - 2012-02-27
Shawn Lesser reveals 10 reasons why Richard Branson is a leader in sustainability.

Coal Goes Solar - 2012-02-27
Solar growth in India is so robust, even coal companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

More Chevy Volt Lies - 2012-02-27
Looking forward to the day when we stop attacking technology that's actually good for our country.

China Buys U.S. Wind Energy China Buys U.S. Wind Energy - 2012-02-27
China aggressively moves into the U.S. wind business.

What's A Good Price For Capstone Turbine Corporation? - 2012-02-27
Capstone Turbine (NASDAQ:CPST) pops in premarket.

BMW Goes Electric - 2012-02-24
Here's an early look at BMW's take on the electric car

Offshore Wind Advances Offshore Wind Advances - 2012-02-24
New data shows that offshore wind development in Europe is stimulating economic growth.

Who Is Shorting Tesla? - 2012-02-24
Exide Technologies (NASDAQ:XIDE), Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) and the new Model S.

China Solar Expansion - 2012-02-24
Despite low prices and high supply, China is aggressively setting new targets for solar companies to boost production.

Germany Solar Success Continues - 2012-02-23
As the solar industry flourishes in Germany, deeper cuts will be made to subsidies.

China Solar Company Bankruptcy China Solar Company Bankruptcy - 2012-02-23
It's not just U.S. solar companies fighting to stay alive.

Germany Embraces Climate Change Fight - 2012-02-23
Today's alternative energy progress is a direct result of Germany's early push for sustainability.

Oklahoma Wind Power Jobs - 2012-02-23
Siemens monumental growth in the wind energy business is helping U.S. veterans find work.

Electric Car Goes 234 Miles On A Single Charge - 2012-02-23
Ever see an all-electric sports car drive 234 miles on a single charge?

The World's Dirtiest Oil - 2012-02-22
As we rush to develop tar sands in Canada, we prepare to choke on our own progress.

Smith Electric Vehicles Invade China - 2012-02-22
Smith Electric Vehicles continues to gain momentum with a $75 million dollar deal in China.

Early Nissan LEAF Test Drive - 2012-02-22
Even when early manufacturing was just getting underway, the Nissan LEAF was very impressive.

Newt Gingrich Electric Car Lies Newt Gingrich Electric Car Lies - 2012-02-22
Once again, Newt Gingrich shows us that he is a stupid man's idea of what a smart man sounds like.

Nike Sustainability Plan - 2012-02-21
Shawn Lesser reveals the top 10 reasons Nike is a leader in sustainability.

Mitsubishi Electric Car Development - 2012-02-21
In just two years, Mitsubishi's electric car went from high-priced experiment to one of the most affordable electric cars on the road.

Goldwind Chilean Wind Farm - 2012-02-21
Chalk up another win for Goldwind, which just picked up a $140 million wind farm deal.

Japan Floating Wind Turbines Japan Floating Wind Turbines - 2012-02-21
As Japan continues to back away from its previous nuclear power ambitions, a new wind power technology is moving in.

Africa Solar Opportunities - 2012-02-21
Pay-as-you-go solar power provides rural African households with clean, affordable energy.

BASF High Performance Battery Opportunity - 2012-02-21
BASF is on a buying spree, scooping up every battery company it can get its hands on.

Tesla Roadster Crushes Porsche - 2012-02-20
This is what happens when you put a Tesla up against a Porsche.

America's First Offshore Wind Farm on Cusp of Completion - 2012-02-20
Cape Wind Project continues to build momentum. New deals underway.

UK Could Lead in Marine Energy - 2012-02-20
Energy and Climate Committee urges UK government not to fall behind on marine energy.

Scotland Wind Power Scotland Wind Power - 2012-02-20
In an effort to send clean wind power from France to the UK, a new interconnector cable is being built to connect to the two countries.

Alternative Energy Investors Want Certainty - 2012-02-20
If a mandated floor for gasoline was set at $4.00 a gallon, would the market enable lower prices for transportation fuels?

Republican Supports Sustainability - 2012-02-17
The media may not be reporting on this, but there are some Republicans that actually want to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Overfishing Economic Impact Overfishing Economic Impact - 2012-02-17
Overfishing delivers both environmental and economic damage.

China Wind Energy Dominates - 2012-02-17
China continues to dominate the wind energy industry. But there are nine other countries rapidly developing their wind resources.

France Wind Power Cheaper Than Nuclear France Wind Power Cheaper Than Nuclear - 2012-02-17
A new report shows that wind power in France is cheaper than relying on nuclear.

The Tesla Advantage - 2012-02-17
Check out some early footage of the Tesla Roadster in this video.

Wind Energy Industry Jobs Wind Energy Industry Jobs - 2012-02-16
It's amazing that while unemployment remains insanely high, Congress is considering measures that would effectively put 37,000 Americans out of work!

General Motors Sustainability - 2012-02-16
Shawn Lesser reveals the top 10 sustainability highlights of General Motors.

Air Pollution Regulations Fall Short - 2012-02-16
A study linking low levels of air pollution to elevated stroke risk suggests it may be time for the EPA to reevaluate its safety standards.

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Continue - 2012-02-16
Just a friendly reminder that so-called cheap fossil fuels are only "cheap" because they are heavily subsidized.

Tesla Reports Q4 Tesla Reports Q4 - 2012-02-15
In less than a week, Tesla racked up $40 million in orders for its new Model X. But how will Q4 numbers look?

Coal Can't Win Coal Can't Win - 2012-02-15
Over a 20-year period, a wind turbine will return more than 30 times more energy to society than it consumed during the manufacturing, operation and recycling process.

Electric Car Tax Credit - 2012-02-15
Electric vehicle tax credits could climb to $10,000. But will it help spur sales?

Organic Certification Goes Global - 2012-02-15
The European Union and United States have reached an agreement to facilitate international organic approval.

Shit Wall Street Says Shit Wall Street Says - 2012-02-15
Green Chips Stocks take a crack at what's overheard on Wall Street...

Solar Power Storage Solutions - 2012-02-15
It is entirely possible that energy storage companies could benefit the most from solar reaching grid parity.

Monsanto Guilty Of Poisoning French Farmer Monsanto Guilty Of Poisoning French Farmer - 2012-02-14
France kicks Monsanto to the curb. Decides the health of its citizens is more important than the health of Monsanto's bottom line.

Chinese Solar Panel Sanctions - 2012-02-14
With or without import sanctions, Chinese solar momentum can't be stopped.

Smith Electric Vehicles IPO Update Smith Electric Vehicles IPO Update - 2012-02-14
Smith Electric Vehicles chugs along nicely, now with an extra $40 million in its pocket.

Solar Thermal Advantages Solar Thermal Advantages - 2012-02-13
Are solar thermal power plants gaining traction?

Nissan Sustainability Plan - 2012-02-13
Shawn Lesser discusses why Nissan Motors is a leader in Cleantech.

Chesapeake's Wastewater Treatment - 2012-02-13
Fracking is NOT going away. But some companies are looking to find an environmentally-friendlier way to do it.

Tesla Motors Model X - 2012-02-10
Tesla Motors has just unveiled its latest electric offering - an electric SUV called the Model X.

Investors Demand Disclosure - 2012-02-10
A new wave of oil and gas company shareholders is demanding disclosure on environmental risks

3M Sustainability - 2012-02-10
Shawn Lesser discusses the top ten sustainability highlights of 3M.

German Solar Superior To French Nuclear German Solar Superior To French Nuclear - 2012-02-10
German solar offers 4 nuclear power plants worth of power to energy-strapped France.

FedEx Electric Delivery Vans - 2012-02-09
FedEx has partnered with Nissan to develop commercial electric vehicles for fleets.

Prius C Fuel Economy - 2012-02-09
Think hybrids are too expensive? Not anymore. How's $19,000 for a 53 mpg Prius sound?

Keystone Pipeline Questions - 2012-02-08
Is TransCanada misleading the American public by claiming that the Keystone Pipeline will be built with American steel?

Panasonic Solar Panels - 2012-02-08
Panasonic is the next solar manufacturer to close its doors in the U.S.

US Nuclear Boondoggle - 2012-02-08
Lawmakers continue to demand more nuclear, yet the US still has no place to store the spent waste.

Honda Solar Panels - 2012-02-07
Why has Honda decided to power its dealerships with solar?

Chinese Wind Turbine Manufacturers Chinese Wind Turbine Manufacturers - 2012-02-07
China quickly took the lead in solar manufacturing. Now it looks like wind turbines could be next.

Cornell University Sustainability - 2012-02-07
Shawn Lesser explains why Cornell University is a leader in sustainability.

Energy Policy Responsibilities - 2012-02-06
Does the energy debate boil down to a philosophical viewpoint?

Japanese Solar Meltdown - 2012-02-06
Chinese solar companies continue to dominate while crushing competition from all across the globe.

Columbia University Sustainability - 2012-02-03
Shawn Lesser shares the top ten sustainability initiatives of Columbia University.

Tesla Motors Model S - 2012-02-02
Tesla Motors' Model S could end up being the absolute best sedan in the marketplace this year. And it's electric!

Mainstream Media Bias - 2012-02-02
How much longer will it be until the mainstream media stops bashing something they don't fully understand?

Russia Electric Cars - 2012-02-01
A new fund is rolling out thousands of electric car charging stations in Russia.

Big Oil Electric Vehicle Projections - 2012-02-01
I don't hate the oil companies. In fact, I find them quite entertaining. Especially when they offer their data on electric vehicle integration.

American University Sustainability - 2012-02-01
Shawn Lesser discusses the top ten sustainability initiatives of American University.