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July 2011 Archives

Zurich Clean Energy - 2011-07-27
Shawn Lesser reveals his top 10 highlights of Cleantech Zurich, Switzerland

SunPower Corporation - 2011-07-26
Why temporary losses will not keep SunPower Corporation down.

Weekly Spotlight: Eco World Styria - 2011-07-25
In this Week's Cleantech Cluster Weekly Spotlight, contributor Angela Guss takes a look at Eco World Styria in Austria.

Ming Yang Wind Power - 2011-07-25
China offshore wind expansion is underway.

The Truth About Climate Change - 2011-07-20
If you think $4.00 gasoline is a problem, wait until you see this. . .

German Clean Energy - 2011-07-18
Germany ups the clean energy ante again. This time with 6 million electric cars.

Life With Tesla - 2011-07-18
See what it's like to own and drive a car that never uses a single drop of gasoline.

Fisker Karma Electric Car - 2011-07-15
Managing editor Jeff Siegel shares his thoughts on Leonardo DiCaprio and the luxury electric car, the Fisker Karma.

Japan Solar Power - 2011-07-13
Japan's Prime Minister wants to do away with every nuclear power plant in the country and replace them with renewables.

Musings Of A Malcontent: Exxon Rocks - 2011-07-12
Contributing editor Carlyle Coash offers his take on Exxon's most recent oil spill.

The Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster - 2011-07-11
Copenhagen has set a goal to become the world's first carbon neutral city. The Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster is leading the way in making that goal a reality...

Michigan Law Forbids Vegetable Gardens - 2011-07-11
Michigan woman may go to jail for planting a vegetable garden!

New Regulations for Egg Industry - 2011-07-08
Editor Brigid Darragh reports on the historic agreement between the Humane Society and United Egg Producers for legislation for improved animal welfare in chicken farming.

Bringing the World's Top Cleantech Clusters Together - 2011-07-06
Grid Parity contributor Angela Guss discusses the GCCA and Finnish Cleantech Cluster's California Cleantech Collaboration, highlighting the U.S.'s two most active cleantech cities, San Francisco and San Diego.

El Hierro - 2011-07-06
Check out the world's first renewable energy island.

Yellowstone Oil Spill Spreads, Locals Criticize Exxon - 2011-07-05
Contributor Brittany Stepniak reports on the response in Laurel, Montana, where Exxon Mobil's latest oil blunder leaked 42,000 gals of oil into Yellowstone River, where it has now spread more than 15 miles.

Green Jobs - 2011-07-05
Craig Shields asks the important questions about green jobs.

California Boosting Renewables - 2011-07-01
California is aiming to raise its renewable energy use to 33% by 2020. Maybe even 40%.

Fukien Billboard Reduces CO2 - 2011-07-01
Green Chip Living's Angela Guss discusses the latest form of advertising in the Philippines: a billboard made up of CO2-eating plants.