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May 2009 Archives

Cool Cuisine - 2009-05-29
Author Laura Stec provides a rational analysis of our conventional food system and its impacts on the environment.

Speaking Of Oil... - 2009-05-29
Rising gas prices, continued momentum for electric cars and a global warming diet...

Electric Cars Trump Hydrogen - 2009-05-28
Is the U.S. Department of Energy is favoring Plug-In Vehicles over fuel cells?

Hydropower Energy Production - 2009-05-28
Editor Sam Hopkins reveals a multi-billion dollar opportunity for renewable energy companies in the Philippines.

Obama Geothermal Funding - 2009-05-27
President Obama has just approved $467 million for geothermal and solar

Clean Energy ETF - 2009-05-26
You can't really complain about the returns in any clean energy ETF over the past few months...

Smart Grid Investments - 2009-05-26
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge discusses smart grid investments by looking at three recent developments that are shaping the sector.

Climate Change Executive Order - 2009-05-25
The Governor of Washington State has issued an executive order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Memorial Day - 2009-05-22
Organic gardening and your plans for this Memorial Day weekend.

Cape Wind - 2009-05-22
The Cape Wind project has just won approval for a composite certificate needed for the proposed million-dollar wind farm.

Feed-In Tariff - 2009-05-22
How will the UK's Feed-In Tariff impact investors?

Run of River Hydropower Stocks - 2009-05-21
Editor Sam Hopkins reviews one Canadian hydropower stock that's surged 63% in a month... and the technology behind it.

Nuclear Power - 2009-05-21
Nuclear power will not be included in the national renewable portfolio standard.

Offshore Wind Farm - 2009-05-20
A New 1 GW Offshore Wind Farm will generate enough power for a quarter of all the homes in Greater London.

Renewable Energy Profits - 2009-05-19
Green Chip editor Jeff Siegel reveals how green chip investors are profiting now that renewable energy momentum is back on track.

Cap And Trade - 2009-05-18
The latest cap and trade bill offers some serious support for the development of plug-in electric vehicles.

New York Solar - 2009-05-15
New solar plan in New York could create 50,000 jobs.

Indonesia's Geothermal Energy Bonanza - 2009-05-14
Editor Sam Hopkins highlights a U.S. company's key role in a new major geothermal energy rollout in SE Asia.

Desalination Investments - 2009-05-12
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge discusses desalination investment as a possible game changer and offers up a full report on the topic.

Honda Insight - 2009-05-11
Honda Insight sells 10,481 Insights in April.

Illinois Renewable Energy - 2009-05-10
Will Illinois set up renewable energy districts?

Midwestern Wind Energy - 2009-05-06
A developing wind energy industry in the Midwest is creating jobs!

Brazilian Energy Infrastructure - 2009-05-05
Editor Sam Hopkins filed this report from Rio on Brazil's renewable energy expansion imperative and the stock opportunities it's already creating.

National Renewable Portfolio Standard - 2009-05-04
The proposed national renewable portfolio standard is picking up steam.