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July 2008 Archives

Ted Stevens: Busted! - 2008-07-30
Why Ted Stevens' home renovations are more important than U.S. energy security.

Green Mergers and Acquisitions - 2008-07-29
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge discusses the most recently green mergers and acquisition data and tells readers how to play this emerging phenomenon.

German Renewable Energy - 2008-07-25
Green Chip editor Sam Hopkins discusses German renewable energy with special attention paid to solar energy.

Green Energy Investments - 2008-07-17
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge pores over last year's green energy investment data and reveals where to find the profitable investments.

Renewable Energy in Europe - 2008-07-15
Editor Sam Hopkins shows why renewable energy in Europe is a winning proposition for workers as well as environmentalists.

Bush, Really? - 2008-07-11
Personally, I think the man has one huge set of cajones to utter a careless comment like that, which illustrates his utter disregard for the important issue at hand, in the presence of seven other world leaders and the press.

Investing in Solar Installers - 2008-07-09
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge chronicles legislative pitfalls affecting the solar industry and offers a chance to profit by investing in solar installers.

Progress Or Complacency? - 2008-07-09
It took two years for the G8 to take NO action on climate change. And the crowd goes wild!!!

No Reason To Cheer The Loss Of 12,000 U.S. Jobs - 2008-07-07
How Starbucks' influence on the Fair Trade market and corporate responsibility could be affected by the company's latest economic woes.

Portuguese Renewable Energy - 2008-07-04
Editor Sam Hopkins takes a look at the upcoming listing of Energias de Portugal's renewable energy division.

Investing in Algae Biofuel - 2008-07-01
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge discusses investing in algae biofuels, the only biofuel that has a real shot at making a dent in our oil consumption.