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June 2008 Archives

Water Technology Investments - 2008-06-19
Editor Sam Hopkins highlights the multi-billion dollar cooperation on water technology between Israel and Los Angeles.

Innovation Or Exploitation: Which Do You Prefer? - 2008-06-18
Today's high gas prices should be enough to stoke the fires of innovation. But it looks like some in Washington would prefer to exploit the pain at the pump for political gain.

Renewable Energy Investing - 2008-06-17
Green Chip editor, Jeff Siegel takes a look at the pros and cons of investing in speculative renewable energy stocks.

Nuclear Is Not A Renewable Resource - 2008-06-12
Senator Domenici thinks nuclear energy is a renewable energy resource that will secure our energy future. Or maybe that's just what his donors want you to believe.

UN Biofuels Food Fight - 2008-06-12
Editor Sam Hopkins reveals why biofuel bets are still on, and how to avoid political pitfalls.

They're At It Again - 2008-06-10
Once again, they're playing politics instead of doing what's right for the country.

Green Venture Capital - 2008-06-10
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge chronicles historical trends in green venture capital and how to use them for personal profit.

Renewable Energy Resources - 2008-06-06
Green Chip Editor, Jeff Siegel looks at renewable energy resources and reviews the shortfalls of the International Energy Agency's latest report.

Green Hotels - 2008-06-05
Editor Sam Hopkins examines green hotels and the global push for energy efficient lodging.