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January 2008 Archives

Cellulosic Ethanol Companies - 2008-01-31
Editor Nick Hodge discusses why the investment opportunity in cellulosic ethanol companies will dwarf that of its corn-based predecessor.

Carbon Market Profit - 2008-01-29
Editor Nick Hodge discloses ways for individual investors to profit from the growing carbon market.

Market Meltdowns and Alternative Energy - 2008-01-25
Green Chip editor, Jeff Siegel highlights advancements in the alternative energy sector, even during a market meltdown.

The MDI Air Car - 2008-01-24
Green Chip editor Field Palmer discusses the future prospects of MDI's Air Car, which runs on compressed air.

Did the Stock Market Hit Rock Bottom? - 2008-01-22
Green Chip Editor Jeff Siegel finds a silver lining in the stock market's meltdown.

When the smoke clears, these 3 stocks will soar - 2008-01-18
Green Chip editor, Jeff Siegel finds three alternative energy stocks set to soar on the next rebound.

Wind Powered PHEVs - 2008-01-17
Green Chip Editor Field Palmer reveals how wind power and plug in hybrid electric vehicles are going to work together.

Green Economy - 2008-01-15
Editor Nick Hodge takes a look at companies that would excel in a green economy, as well as stocks that will be profitable on the way there.

Most Fuel Efficient Car - 2008-01-10
Green Chip Editor Field Palmer talks about the most fuel efficient car in the world.

Desalination Companies - 2008-01-08
Learn about the evolution of the desalination industry and what desalination companies will emerge as leaders in coming years.

The Iowa Caucuses - 2008-01-04
Green Chip Editor, Jeff Siegel reviews the Iowa Caucuses and exposes the winners' "energy plans."

Plug in Hybrids - 2008-01-03
Green Chip editor Field Palmer discusses how plug in hybrids are the most efficient solution to $100 oil.

Alternative Energy Speculator - 2008-01-01
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge offers a description of the Alternative Energy Speculator.