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January 2007 Archives

Hot Fun in the Wintertime - 2007-01-31
I have learned far too much about the state of the world's energy situation to kid myself that there is going to be some sort of easy transition to renewables. It just makes sense, from a risk-management standpoint, to have a fallback position. You don't start building an ark when the water is up to your knees, and I think my toes are getting wet.

Electric Musings from an Armchair Racer - 2007-01-31
These cars may not help save the world, but what they will do is bring a much needed dose of “smoking in the boys’ room” attitude to the hybrid market.

Drunk on Ethanol - 2007-01-17
Those who watched the ethanol charts in 2006 might have thought they were looking at a drawing of the Eiffel Tower, so sharp and fast was its rise and fall. So before we get into the real story about why ethanol is probably going to be 2007’s hottest sector, let’s look at what went wrong.

Powering Tomorrow's EVs - 2007-01-08
A few days ago, GM announced that it had awarded advanced battery development contracts to two suppliers to design and test lithium-ion batteries for use in the Saturn Vue Green Line plug-in hybrid SUV.

2006: A Time of Transition - 2007-01-03
At the beginning of a new year, the urge to look back and review the one gone by, and consider what the new one will bring, is irresistible. In my review of 2006, one theme emerged, and that is transition.