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Marijuana Production Far From Green - 2011-04-27
Marijuana, the nation's number one cash crop, is responsible for $5 billion a year in energy costs. A new report argues energy efficiency could be improved by 75% if legal, commercial agricultural practices were applied to marijuana growth.

Mediterranean Fish Species Dwindle from Overfishing - 2011-04-26
Contributor Mike Tirone shares the findings of a new report from the International Union for Conservation which indicates species dwindle due to overfishing and the need for stricter fishing guidelines.

Making More than Just Yellow Baby Shampoo - 2011-04-20
Green Chip Living's Angela Guss discusses Johnson & Johnson's sustainability efforts discussed at the State of Green Business forum in Washington, D.C.

47% of Meat in U.S. Tainted by Staph Bacteria - 2011-04-18
Editor Brigid Darragh reports on the latest findings by researchers at the Translational Genomics Research Institute: Half of all meat and poultry sold in the United States tested positive for antibiotic-resistant Staph bacteria.

The Latest Showdown in Organic vs. Conventional Farming - 2011-04-15
Editor Brigid Darragh sums up the results of a 20-year study in which three methods of farming (2 organic, 1 conventional) were sized up for environmental, economical, and harvest performance.

Is Beantown the Future Green City of the World? - 2011-04-14
Green Chip Living's Angela Guss reports MIT's new technology for streamlining the process for large-scale energy auditing.

Researcher to Release Controversial GMO Study - 2011-04-13
One researcher is earning the praise of the anti-GM movement and the ire of big agriculture for his controversial research on Roundup Ready crops. Editor Jimmy Mengel takes a closer look at Don Huber...

BP Denied Drilling Permit for Second Time - 2011-04-12
Contributor Mike Tirone reports as BP is denied a permit for deepwater drilling for the second time.

Electronics Hinder Energy Efficiency in Homes - 2011-04-11
Green Chip Living's Angela Guss reports the recent findings of the Energy Information Agency's survey of energy efficiency in homes.

New Health Care Law: Calorie Counts in Menus - 2011-04-08
Editor Brigid Darragh reports on the latest U.S. health care law: calorie counts to be posted for all chain restaurants and eateries in an effort to combat obesity in America.

China, Singapore Plan the Next Eco-City - 2011-04-07
Contributor Mike Tirone reports on the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, a strategic cooperation project between the gov'ts of China and Singapore to improve living environment and build eco-culture in Asia.

Monsanto Sued Again - 2011-04-05
A group of farmers are standing up against Monsanto's thuggish, shadowy tactics and have filed a lawsuit seeking protection...

One Percent for the Planet - 2011-04-04
Contributor Mike Tirone reports on One Percent for the Planet, a non-profit that calls on companies to pledge 1% of sales.

Floating Solar Power - 2011-04-01
Green Chip Living's Angela Guss reports the recent partnership between Sunengy and Tata Power to move forward on production of a floating solar power plant in India.

Shoppers Willing to Boycott Misleading "Green" Products - 2011-03-30
Editor Brigid Darragh reports on the results of the latest Green Gap Trend Tracker from research and consulting firm Cone.

Dolphin, Whale Deaths Gravely Understated in BP Spill - 2011-03-30
Over 100 dolphins and whales have washed up dead on the Gulf of Mexico shores following last year's BP oil spill. But according to a new report, the actual number of dead could be closer to 5,000.

Tainted Fruits And Veggies? - 2011-03-29
Green Chip Living's Angela Guss notes the recent reports indicate lead found in urban gardens in various U.S. cities.

10 Worst Corporate Income Tax Avoiders - 2011-03-29
Tax season is in full swing for most of us, but not for these 10 companies that are avoiding U.S. taxes altogether...

Scientists Go Bananas for Green Car Parts - 2011-03-28
Scientists have unveiled a new type plastic forged from fruits like bananas and pineapples. The reinforced plastic could be lighter, stronger, and more eco-friendly than traditional plastics. Editor Jimmy Mengel reports.

GM Cows Producing Human Milk - 2011-03-24
Editor Brigid Darragh writes about the latest development in Chinese science, where a team has created a herd of cows with the sole purpose of producing human-like milk for use in future dairy products.

EPA Rejects Light Bulb Replacement Timeline - 2011-03-23
Green Chip Living's Angela Guss reports the rejection and criticism of New York City's 10-year plan to replace light fixtures leaking toxic chemicals (known as PCBs) in its school buildings.

USDA Awards $60 Million for Climate Change Research - 2011-03-22
Editor Brigid Darragh reports on the USDA's announcement to award $60mil in funding to continued research on the effect of climate change on U.S. agriculture.

China Bans BPA; Why Hasn't the U.S.? - 2011-03-21
Both China and Malaysia have both banned the use of BPA in baby bottles... Editor Jimmy Mengel asks what it will take for the U.S. to do the same.

Major Breakthrough for Bev Giant PepsiCo - 2011-03-16
Green Chip Living's Angela Guss reports on PepsiCo's recent development of the world's first plastic bottle made entirely from plant-based, fully renewable resources.

UN Report Reveals Overwhelming Benefits of Eco-Farming - 2011-03-15
Green Chip's Brigid Darragh discusses the latest findings in a UN Report on agricultural practices in developing nations...

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