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The Verdict on the Bloom Box and the 60 Minutes Coup - 2010-02-26
Green Chip Editor Chris Nelder takes a critical look at the new Bloom Box fuel cell system, and concludes that it's a modest improvement over standard natural gas-fired power.

Sugar and Cellulosic Ethanol Stocks - 2010-02-04
Editor Sam Hopkins writes from D.C. today, where he's attending the American Council on Renewable Energy's RETECH expo, and mining the showcases and speakers for new stock picks.

Green Side of the 2010 Detroit Auto Show - 2010-01-11
Green Chip Editor Jeff Siegel discusses electric cars and the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) - 2009-12-16
Green Chip Editor Nick Hodge takes a look at neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) through the eyes of two very different media outlets.

Investing in Lithium Batteries - 2009-09-01
Green Chip Editor Nick Hodge discusses lithium's coming rise to power in the battery world and how you can get ahead of the profit curve.

Electric Vehicle Profits - 2009-07-28
Green Chip Editor Jeff Siegel reviews the next round of electric vehicle profits.

Algae Biofuel Stocks - 2009-07-21
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge takes a new look at algae's investment potential after Exxon announced a $600 million foray into the sector.

Jatropha Biofuel - 2009-07-17
Editor Sam Hopkins takes a look at new developments in taking the tropical jatropha plant from poisonous weed to energy cash crop.

Hybrid Electric Cars - 2009-06-16
Green Chip editor Jeff Siegel reviews the companies that are building tomorrow's hybrid electric cars ... today.

Brazilian Energy Infrastructure - 2009-05-05
Editor Sam Hopkins filed this report from Rio on Brazil's renewable energy expansion imperative and the stock opportunities it's already creating.

U.S. Corn Ethanol Outlook - 2009-04-17
Editor Sam Hopkins looks at the shakeout in U.S. corn ethanol, and why it leaves international companies an opening for advantage.

Brazilian Sugar Ethanol - 2009-03-12
Editor Sam Hopkins reveals Brazil's new winning strategy for biofuel dominance and what peak oil means for renewable energy investors.

Project Better Place - 2009-02-26
Editor Sam Hopkins reveals new corporate momentum behind Project Better Place's electric vehicle expansion.

Green Energy Websites - 2009-02-03
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge discusses green energy websites, and provides a case study of a supposed green investment advisory.

Detroit Auto Show - 2009-01-13
Green Chip Editor Jeff Siegel reviews potential profit opportunities revealed at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.

Shai Agassi and Project Better Place - 2008-11-25
Editor Sam Hopkins updates Project Better Place and astonishing new endorsements from industry and government leaders.

SolarWorld Makes an Investment in GM - 2008-11-20
Green Chip editor Jeff Siegel offers realistic conditions for the Big 3 carmakers, including SolarWorld's investment offer for GM.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles - 2008-10-21
Green Chip editor Jeff Siegel reveals how hybrid electric vehicles and fuel efficiency continue to reign, even as gas prices fall.

Clean Energy Fuels - 2008-10-16
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge answers a reader's question about the future of Clean Energy Fuels in California given the current political landscape.

Clean Energy in China - 2008-10-07
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge talks about the coming growth of clean energy in China, and how investors can position their portfolios to take full advantage.

Investing in Electric Vehicle Companies - 2008-09-30
Green Chip editor Jeff Siegel takes a closer look at Chrysler's entry into the electric car market, and explores investment opportunities in the commercial transportation sector.

Hybrid Battery Companies - 2008-09-11
Editor Sam Hopkins breaks down burgeoning opportunities in domestic and international hybrid battery markets.

Investing in Renewable Fuels - 2008-09-09
Green Chip editor Nick Hodge gives an insider's take on investing in renewable fuels like cellulosic ethanol, and the science behind the industry.

Plug-In Hybrids - 2008-09-02
Green Chip editor Jeff Siegel discusses the latest developments in Plug-In Hybrids and 2 stocks in particular.

U.S. Biofuels Market - 2008-08-08
Editor Sam Hopkins reveals the politics and money behind big international biofuel moves.

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