Green Chip Stocks

Green Chip Stocks Index:

ABB (ABB) - 20.52 -0.28

Canadian Solar (CSIQ) - 25.84 -1.56

Capstone Turbine (CPST) - 0.41 -0.02

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) - 607.17 -2.39

Daqo New Energy (DQ) - 20.90 -1.44

First Solar (FSLR) - 44.19 -0.98

General Electric (GE) - 26.31 -0.47

Hannon Armstrong (HASI) - 20.26 ↑ 0.25

Hanwha SolarOne (HSOL) - 1.10 ↑ 0.00

iPatch DJ-UBS Coffee (JO) - 21.02 -0.33

iPath Pure Beta Coffee (CAFE) - 14.49 -0.13

JA Solar (JASO) - 7.70 -0.73

Maxwell Technologies (MXWL) - 5.71 -0.13

NRG, Inc. (NRG) - 22.76 ↑ 0.16

NRG Yield, Inc. (NYLD) - 22.10 ↑ 0.22

Ormat (ORA) - 37.72 ↑ 0.20

Pattern Energy Group (PEGI) - 28.71 -0.05

SolarCity (SCTY) - 51.75 -0.52

SunEdison (SUNE) - 28.96 -0.87

SunPower (SPWR) - 26.83 -0.66

TerraForm Power (TERP) - 37.53 -0.28

Tesla (TSLA) - 279.72 -0.30

TransAlta Renewables (RNW) - 11.34 ↑ 0.00

Trina Solar (TSL) - 10.96 -0.57

U.S. Geothermal (HTM) - 0.53 -0.01

Whole Foods Market (WFM) - 39.27 ↑ 0.12

Yingli Green Energy (YGE) - 1.07 -0.08


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