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Don't Bet Against SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY)
Why I remain bullish on SolarCity - 2014-04-17

Will SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY) Rebound?
I Just Bought SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY) - 2014-03-19
Buying SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY)

Chris Christie Bans Capitalism
In New Jersey, Capitalism Takes a Hit - 2014-03-12

U.S. Solar Market Continues to Thrive
Steve Martin, Phone Books and the Rise of Solar - 2014-03-05

Offshore Wind Just Got Real! Offshore Wind Just Got Real!
Can Offshore Wind Farms Tame Hurricanes? - 2014-02-26
offshore wind

Wireless Electric Car Charging is Here!
No Cables Needed for this New Electric Car Charging System - 2014-02-14
toyota electric car charging

Where Electric Cars Live in the United States
How Many Electric Cars Live in Your Neighborhood? - 2014-02-03
electric car update

Wyoming Wind Power is Crushing It!
Big Money in Wyoming Wind - 2014-01-28
wind power booming in wyoming

Staying Bullish on SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY)
SolarCity's Marketing People are Brilliant! - 2014-01-23
Why I'm bullish on SolarCity's marketing department.

A New Way to Profit From Trash
With Adjustments, This Could be a Free-Market Solution for Trash Disposal - 2014-01-22
With Adjustments, This Could be a Free-Market Solution for Trash Disposal

Google Buying Pattern Energy (NASDAQ:PEGI) Wind Farm
Google Loves Wind Power! - 2014-01-15
Google has just purchased its 15th wind farm asset for $75 million.

Will New EPA Rules DeThrone King Coal?
Squeezing Coal out of the Equation - 2014-01-07
With coal being squeezed out of the energy equation in the U.S., energy investors should invest accordingly. This means investing in those energy sources that'll pick up where coal leaves off, and, if you are a coal investor, investing in the coal producers that are profiting from more coal-friendly countries, such as China and India.

Another Reason to Love SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY)
Measuring Success with SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY) - 2013-12-20
Although I no longer have a stake in the company, I'm very happy to report on this next initiative put forth by SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY). The measure of success can be found both on the bottom line and global community engagement.

Solar Crushes it in 2013!
Following up on the State of Solar - 2013-12-12
The U.S. solar market is set to grow 30% in 2013. Today, a solar power system is installed every four minutes, and at a total cumulative capacity of 12 gigawatts, you're looking at the equivalent of 14.5 coal-fired power plants.

GMO Myths Busted
Five More Lies about GMOs - 2013-08-26
Don't believe everything the GMO companies tell you.

How Hemp Could Rock the Corporate Boat
One More Government-Backed Boondoggle - 2013-07-08
One more government-backed boondoggle.

Tyson's Core Values are Flawed
The Heresy of Tyson's Religious Claims - 2013-06-17
Tyson falls short on core values claim.

New Toyota Electric Car
Has Toyota Created the Car of the Future? - 2013-04-24
Toyota may have redefined sustainability with its latest concept, the ME.WE.

Water Sanitation Infrastructure Investing
Is Basic Sanitation a Privilege, Right or Opportunity? - 2013-04-21
In 2013, more than $2 billion people have no access to basic sanitation infrastructure.

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Stock Profitability
Has Tesla Just Destroyed Electric Car Naysayers? - 2013-04-01
Despite a long uphill battle, Tesla is about to reach profitability.

Climate Change Options
Is it Possible to Reverse Climate Change? - 2013-03-20
Greening the desert and reversing climate change.

Renewable Energy Growth
Is Renewable Energy Pressuring the Utilites? - 2013-03-11
With renewable energy growing rapidly, utilities change business model to adapt.

Guerilla Gardening is on the Rise
The Truth about Guerilla Gardening - 2013-03-10
Helping Los Angeles become sustainable, one garden at a time.

A Very Smart Electric Car
This Electric Car Can Travel 200 Miles on a Single Charge - 2013-02-18
A U.S. startup has developed a very smart personal electric car.

Why I Love Elon Musk Why I Love Elon Musk
Busted! New York Times Writer Lies about Electric Car Experience - 2013-02-14
Elon Musk busts New York Times writer for lying about Tesla's Model S electric car.