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In a world where innovation comes from everywhere, those who want to profit from the green revolution need to be unbound by borders.

Think Detroit has an ethanol answer to Peak Oil and black gold's dark days? The Brazilians have been on the ball for 30 years, and their sugar-based technology knocks the socks off cornfield fuel.

From solar to wind to wave energy, water infrastructure and everywhere in between, the best solutions to humanity's most pressing problems are actually coming from outside the U.S.

Green Chip International is a one-of-a-kind service gives you the sharpest insight, not just into clean technology trends but the geopolitical context that makes markets move. The GCI team has years of experience at your service, delivering you cold cash with the top plays on the global green scene.

I'm talking about winners like...

Praj Industries (India) - 200% gain in a year
Geothermal Resources Ltd. (Australia) - 300% gain in 18 months
Ecosecurities PLC (UK) - 100% gain in a year
Renewable Energy (Norway) - 155% gain in a year
Sunways (Germany) - 61% in a year
Green Chip International combines Jeff Siegel's expertise and experience in alternative energy with the global investing knowledge of our own international guru, Sam Hopkins.

Sam has been all over the world, meeting with clean energy pioneers in Hong Kong, algal fuel startups in Israel, and he just got back from Rio where he saw first-hand developments in Brazil's burgeoning biofuel economy...

Nick's research has netted multiple triple- and double-digit winners, bringing a world of wealth to readers as he scours the globe for the freshest investment opportunities in GCI and Alternative Energy Speculator.

Sam speaks seven languages fluently, so he gets the inside scoop before Wall Street wonks can get it translated. This is on-the-ground, up-to-the-minute research you can't find anywhere else.

It's the natural next step in green investing -- and it allows us to take advantage of triple-digit winners like Geothermal Resources and Praj Industries -- on a consistent basis!