Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Get in Early on These Pot Stocks

Here’s My Next Pot Stock Pick

By Jeff Siegel on October 11, 2018
Making money on pot stocks is my specialty. I've been singing the praises of the cannabis market for nearly four years, and it has paid off handsomely. But we're not done yet... find out how you can pinpoint exactly which stocks will be the next to soar in this fast-moving market.

Trump to Unveil Support for Socialist Energy Policy on Tuesday

The Ethanol Mandate is an Exercise in Socialism

By Jeff Siegel on October 8, 2018
Trump not only opposes real free market policies, abut he supports socialist ones.

Cannabis Stocks Aren’t Only for the Wall Street Elite

The Stocks I Was Told NOT to Share With You

By Jeff Siegel on October 4, 2018
You don’t have to be a Wall Street billionaire to make money in the cannabis market. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel is living proof. And he's decided to forego helping big-shot Wall Street fund managers in favor of helping readers of Energy and Capital.

Investing in the Ultimate Hydrogen Play

Have you seen this yet?

By Jeff Siegel on September 27, 2018
Back in 2008, a lot of folks sang the praises of hydrogen. But every single time a new hydrogen play appeared, the numbers failed to add up. Now, however, the ultimate promise of hydrogen has finally arrived. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel explains inside...

Border Patrol Threats Were NOT Responsible for Last Week’s Pot Stock Sell-Off

The Truth About Pot Stocks

By Jeff Siegel on September 16, 2018
Don’t fall for the sensational headlines. Pot Stocks did not sell off last week because US border patrol agents sent out a press release.

Making a Ton of Money With Green Chip Stocks

Did you get my sell alert?

By Jeff Siegel on September 13, 2018
One of the most successful strategies for wealth creation isn’t a secret. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel has revealed it before, and he's doing it again... for those willing to listen. Find out the details behind the S-50 Trigger today.