Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Investing in the Mining Stocks That Make Electric Cars Possible

By Jeff Siegel on October 22, 2020
Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel provides a list of 29 different ways to make money from the run on North American miners providing key materials for electric car producers.

Bigger Than Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB)?

By Jeff Siegel on October 15, 2020
Some are calling this company the next Biogen, which catapulted from $0.40 a share to a high of $422 a share. That’s a gain of 105,000%. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel discusses the bigger and better Biogen...

Investing in Western Medicine and Biotechs

By Jeff Siegel on October 8, 2020
Every now and again, a new biotech play enters the scene that makes seasoned biotech millionaires salivate. And one of those stocks is a tiny play on a new treatment that can potentially stop, slow, or even reverse age-related diseases while restoring human health.

This Election Could Send Markets Spinning. Here's How to Play It ...

By Jeff Siegel on October 1, 2020
From Space Travel to Mongolian Oil: This is Chris DeHaemer

Compass Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS) and the Quest to Treat Depression With Psychedelics

By Jeff Siegel on October 1, 2020
One company Jeff Siegel recommended earlier this year — that’s also developing and testing its own version of a “Magic Molecule” — has more than doubled since he put out a buy alert on it. Don't worry if you missed his first recommendation, he has six more companies in his sights that h'es ready to give you the details on...

Why I Invest in Biotech Stocks

By Jeff Siegel on September 24, 2020
$9.1 billion… This is the combined value of the treatment market for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel clues investors into an opportunity that will help them get their share of that $9.1 billion market...