Green Chip Stocks Appearances

New Cannabis Legislation is a Scam

Maryland Congressman Tries to Pull a Fast One with Bogus Cannabis Policy

By Jeff Siegel on June 28, 2016
Real doctors heal the sick, not keep the sick from getting their medicine.

The Market is Fickle. Invest Elsewhere.

How to Protect Yourself Against the Next Brexit

By Jeff Siegel on June 28, 2016
Is your portfolio protected from the next Brexit?

Jim Chanos is the Most Annoying Short Seller on the Planet

Your are NOT Smarter than Elon Musk

By Jeff Siegel on June 22, 2016
The Tesla/SolarCity deal may not be as horrible as everyone thinks.

Another Reason Cannabis is a Socially Responsible Investment

The Evils of Capitalism Will Make You Wealthy

By Jeff Siegel on June 21, 2016
The basic fundamentals of capitalism are helping sick children that rely on medical marijuana to treat their illnesses.

The DEA's War on Cannabis Won't End with Rescheduling

Is Cannabis Better Off Being Federally Illegal?

By Jeff Siegel on June 20, 2016
If the DEA is really going to reschedule cannabis, this isn't necessarily a good thing.

Clean Energy Investors are on the Right Track

New Report Offers Further Validation for Clean Energy Investors

By Jeff Siegel on June 15, 2016
A few more reasons you should be investing in clean energy stocks now.