Green Chip Stocks Appearances

How to Get Rich While Making the World a Better Place

The Most Despicable Way to Get Rich

By Jeff Siegel on August 15, 2019
Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel reflects on how sometimes the world's most unfortunate events can be moneymaking opportunities... but how investors can also align their values to some hugely profitable investments.

Millennials, Sex Apps, and Bull Markets

How to Get Rich Off the Backs of Millennials

By Jeff Siegel on August 8, 2019
When Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel goes on site visits to check out the companies in which he may invest, a big red flag for him is the absence of young people. Millennials may be easy targets, but they're also shaping the industries of the future.

Pot Stocks to Own Before October

3 Oversold Pot Stocks You MUST Buy Now

By Jeff Siegel on August 1, 2019
All over the world, individual countries are making bold moves to decriminalize and legalize cannabis — particularly here in the U.S. And it's one of the greatest opportunities for investors to get rich on pot stocks.

The Bloody History of the Search for the Fountain of Youth

It ends on August 4, 2019...

By Jeff Siegel on July 25, 2019
Throughout history, the search for eternal youth has been a path paved with blood and horror. But these stories are no more, as on August 4, one company will reveal a treatment that is a real-life Fountain of Youth.

Invest in Gold for the Right Reasons

The #1 Reason to Buy Gold Right Now

By Jeff Siegel on July 18, 2019
If you think gold is going to save you when the proverbial poop hits the fan, you’re going to be insanely disappointed. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel provides a much better reason to invest in gold.

With the Death of the Dollar Comes the Death of America

We’re So F***ked

By Jeff Siegel on July 11, 2019
Our currency is what makes the U.S. one of the most feared countries in the world. And this country has a long history of weaponzing the dollar in an effort to make its enemies crumble. But this practice is about to backfire.