Green Chip Stocks Appearances

If You Could Buy Ikea Stock ...

Taking Stock of Ikea as a Possible Investment

By Jeff Siegel on September 29, 2016
If Ikea was publicly-traded, would Ikea Stock be a good investment?

Warren Buffett and the Quest for Socially Responsible Investing

Warren Buffett Just Committed 50% of His Fortune to THIS...

By Jeff Siegel on September 27, 2016
As a socially responsible investor, I invest only in opportunities that can make me a lot of money while doing a lot of good at the same time. Is Warren Buffett a socially responsible investor?

Is it Time to Invest in Exxon (NYSE: XOM)?

Exxon is Under Attack!

By Jeff Siegel on September 20, 2016
The future of transportation will be electric, making vehicles that run on gas-powered internal combustion engines obsolete. Exxon (NYSE: XOM) must adapt.

Jack-in-the-Box (NASDAQ: JACK) is NOT a Valid Play on Cannabis Legalization

The time to invest in Cannabis is Now!

By Jeff Siegel on September 19, 2016
Cowen & Company analysts say Jack-in-the-Box (NASDAQ: JACK) is a solid play on cannabis legalization. They are wrong.

Cannabis Investors and the Federal Reserve

Is the Fed Getting into the Pot Business?

By Jeff Siegel on September 13, 2016
You may not know his name, but this very outspoken Fed president just said something about cannabis that should make investors very, very happy.

Time to Invest in Nevada Cannabis Legalization

Sin City is Ready to Embrace the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

By Jeff Siegel on September 6, 2016
Is recreational cannabis coming to Nevada?