Investing in a New Kind of Green Technology

Bullish on Ocean Energy

Posted by Green Chip Stocks on September 7, 2015

My wife excitedly grabbed my hand and led me from the living room of our apartment out onto the back porch.  We were about to watch something spectacular.

It wasn’t anything either of us had ever seen before. It was a rocket launch.

The amazing part of this was that we were located in a suburb north of Baltimore, and the...

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Obama Saves Solar Stocks

Despite Market Crash, Solar Stocks Soar

Posted by Green Chip Stocks on August 24, 2015

Despite a complete blood bath in the market today, U.S. solar stocks are doing quite well …

Thanks to handful of new executive actions just published by the Obama administration. These actions include:

Making $1 billion in additional loan guarantee authority available and announcing new guidelines for distributed energy proje...

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Charge a Tesla in 5 Minutes?

New Israeli Company Could Help Charge your Tesla in 5 Minutes

Posted by Green Chip Stocks on August 25, 2015

I’m one of those guys who doesn’t fill up his gas tank until the fuel light comes on.

My wife hates it.  We’ll be on a trip somewhere, and the fuel light will come on, and we basically have to immediately stop for gas.  If we’re somewhere we’ve never been, panic mode ensues, and we either have to go...

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