Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Canadian Cannabis Cash Coming to the U.S.

This Week’s Pot Stock Picks

By Jeff Siegel on January 17, 2019
Canadian cannabis behemoths are moving into the U.S. market. And they're making the solid Canadian cannabis market look like an accounting error in comparison. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel tells readers the best way to capitalize on the growth to come.

Pot Stocks and the STATES Act

These Will Be the Biggest Pot Stocks Winners in 2019

By Jeff Siegel on January 10, 2019
Getting exposure to U.S. pot stocks has never been more urgent, as Congress is about to open up a floodgate of capital. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel explains why bipartisan politics presents opportunity and how to get positioned for these winners.

Investing in Pot Stocks in 2019

By Jeff Siegel on January 3, 2019
Three years ago, we loaded up on Canadian pot stocks. This year, pot was legalized in Canada. It’s time to load up the boat with U.S. pot stocks. Because within the next three years, the U.S. will remove federal prohibition, and those who get in now will be set up for success.

Preparing for the 2019 Bear Market

Get Paid When the Market Tumbles

By Jeff Siegel on December 27, 2018
We had a good run, but a bear market is coming. Geopolitical unrest, the expansion of trade wars, and the very real possibility that the Trump administration will collapse on itself in the coming year should have every investor on his toes and thinking three steps ahead. Here’s how to prepare.

Make America Great Again with These Inverse ETFs

Investors must prepare for the ultimate downfall of Donald Trump

By Jeff Siegel on December 24, 2018
Mnuchin’s stupid tweet is just the beginning of a major shit show.

The Electric Motor Is 200 Years Old…

And it’s about to be replaced

By Jeff Siegel on December 20, 2018
Electric motors have survived the test of time and remain a vital part of modern life. They're so ubiquitous that you probably don't realize how often you benefit from them. But they haven't changed since their invention. Well, one tech startup is changing that...