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Investing in LSD

By Jeff Siegel on January 21, 2021
Most folks still think of LSD as a dangerous hallucinogenic drug, something for hippies and drug addicts. But what we’re finding now is that it could be one of the biggest, most disruptive medications the mental health industry has seen in 50 years. And with market disruption comes a huge opportunity to get rich.

How Non-Accredited Investors Can Profit From Public Offerings

By Jeff Siegel on January 14, 2021
Last year, editor Jeff Siegel’s trading strategy delivered 31 double-digit gains with only five losers. He has a win rate of 92% and, quite frankly, thinks he’s going to get that up to 96% this year. Today he’s going to share this special trading strategy with you…

How to Become the Next Teslanaire

By Jeff Siegel on January 7, 2021
Most folks go their entire lives without ever pulling in a gain anywhere close to what Tesla has delivered over the past 10 years. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, as we head into 2021, you’ll definitely have an opportunity to get an early piece of the next “big thing” that could ultimately make those Tesla gains look like peanuts.

Vikings, Teslas, and the Quest for the Perfect Electric Car Stock

Why do Norwegians love Electric Cars?

By Jeff Siegel on January 6, 2021
Why do Norwegians love Electric Cars?

It was Stupid to Underestimate Jaguar Health (NASDAQ: JAGX)

Don’t cry over missed gains

By Jeff Siegel on January 5, 2021
Don’t cry over missed gains

Psychedelics Stocks Are Boring but Insanely Profitable

By Jeff Siegel on December 31, 2020
The psychedelics stocks we’re currently in — and profiting from — are all creating the next generation of mental health drugs and therapies, not party drugs...