Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Is Trump About to Destroy the Cannabis Industry?

A Message to Prohibitionists in the White House: Don’t Fuck with my Money!

By Jeff Siegel on February 23, 2017
You can’t make America great again if you destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs in the cannabis industry.

Kush Gods are Brilliant Entrepreneurs

This Pot-Entrepreneur Is Fighting Prohibition, and Winning

By Jeff Siegel on February 22, 2017
Brittany Hunter from FEE puts the spotlight on a brilliant cannabis entrepreneur in Washington DC.

Will California Screw Cannabis Investors?

Investors are Ready for Cannabis Legalization, but California is Not.

By Jeff Siegel on February 21, 2017
How hard is it to make money from cannabis sales? Ask the state.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is Heading to $300!

This is how Tesla’s Q4 announcement is going to go down

By Jeff Siegel on February 21, 2017
Tesla shorts could be gearing up for an uncomfortable reality.

Don't Invest in Nuclear Power. It's a Sucker's Bet.

It was a Scam!

By Jeff Siegel on February 21, 2017
Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel goes into detail about how Toshiba got the raw end on its nuclear deal. Management should’ve known better from day one, here's why...

Why You Should be Investing in Electric Cars

Nudity Can’t Save Playboy and Nothing Can Save Internal Combustion

By Jeff Siegel on February 16, 2017
The future of Playboy is anybody’s guess, but the future of transportation IS electric.