Green Chip Stocks Appearances

Note to Investors: Never Bet Against Elon Musk

Is Tesla worth $411 a share?

By Jeff Siegel on August 15, 2017
Every single time they bet against Elon Musk, they lose.

Why Investors Should Love the New Tesla Semitruck

You Won’t Believe What Tesla Just Did

By Jeff Siegel on August 15, 2017
Tesla’s latest announcement will be a major game changer for the world. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel explains why Nevada is becoming an investment hub.

New Digital Currencies Target Cannabis Consumers

Do we really need a weed-centric digital currency?

By Jeff Siegel on August 14, 2017
Within five years, cannabis dispensaries will be able to use credit cards, so do cannabis-centric digital currencies even worth it?

The Profit Trifecta: Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Electric Cars

The Airbnb of Electric Cars

By Jeff Siegel on August 8, 2017
The sharing economy is embracing electric cars using bitcoin and blockchain technology, creating a profit trifecta...

Legal Cannabis and Artificial Intelligence Will Make You Rich

THIS is the next Tesla…

By Jeff Siegel on August 1, 2017
Now that Tesla has made early investors incredibly rich, where’s the “next Tesla?” There are two sectors that are more than likely to produce the "next Tesla."

Most Pot Stocks Are SCAMS

Beware of This Pot Stock Scam

By Jeff Siegel on July 25, 2017
The legal cannabis market is booming, but beware of pot stock scams. Energy and capital editor Jeff Siegel tells you what to look for in a high-quality cannabis stock and how to spot a scam...